One of the top news related to Minecraft has to be the fact that Microsoft has purchased Minecraft.

There are a lot of news regarding why did Microsoft spend so much money on purchasing Minecraft and some people went on to claim that it is really foolish on the part of Microsoft to do so. Here are some possible reasons as to why Microsoft chose to invest on this deal.

Microsoft Needs to Change Target Base

We are all aware of the sloppy performance of the Windows phones launched by Microsoft in comparison to the Apple and even the Android phones. Hence, Microsoft needed to target the younger section of the customer base and choosing to buy Minecraft can help them get the attention of the younger target customers. Further, their decision to integrate Xbox as a part of their windows phone has certainly done the trick.

Minecraft Is Really Popular

You cannot doubt the popularity of Minecraft. It does remain one of the most popular paid apps currently in the iOS store. You can get an idea of the number of users who are busy playing it. There are more than 50 million downloads that has taken place. If reports from Microsoft are to be believed, it says that there are more than 100 million users on PC alone. Why then would it be dumb to make an investment in such a highly prolific game?

Minecraft Is For the Long Haul

When we are talking of Minecraft, you must know that almost all users are going to be stuck with this game for a long period of time. When they are playing this game, they make extensive investment of time and effort and make landscapes. Over a period of time, they invest even more time to make their landscapes further more sophisticated. So, when Microsoft chose to buy Minecraft, they knew that the fans of the game are going to stay by their side for years to come. They are least likely to be fickle minded, because Minecraft is one such game that will have consistent fans all over the world.

Targeting the School Students

Gone are the days when youth meant merely the college students. When Microsoft is looking for strategies that can help them revive their popularity and gain insights into the market, the best ways to do so is to target the school students. There is absolutely no better way to do so than by buying Minecraft. Minecraft is a top hit among school students.

These are just some of the various reasons as to why Microsoft made a decision to buy Minecraft. In order to analyze as to what are the benefits which it will offer, we will have to wait and see as to what comes out of it. Given the reasons, it seems likely that Microsoft is going to benefit from this deal. Even if the cost of deal is high, it is still likely that it can bring in better returns for the company. Microsoft is hopeful of a better future.

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