iPhone has always been hailed to be the smartest phone in the market. There are two models that Apple released last year and it was named iPhone 5S and 5C. Here, we will compare both the models to ascertain which is better among the two.

The Processor Speed

One of the main points that you need to check is the speed of the processor. iPhone 5C, which is priced less comes with 1 GHz Apple A6 processor. 5S, on the other hand, comes with an Apple A7 processor which is definitely quicker. When compared with A6, A7 is much more powerful too. It is a 64 bit chip and thus it has the capability to process two times as much information and data when compared to an A6 chip, which is 32 bit. It pays to know that A6 isn’t bad and you are not likely to appreciate a very huge difference in speed but when you are talking about the details, A7 is definitely going to offer you quicker response.

The Camera Clarity

When you are comparing the camera, you will find that both the models have nearly comparable specifications. Both the models come with 8 megapixels camera and 1080p HD video. However, there are inner details which are different. 5S comes with dual flash and at the same time, it can also record slow motion video at 120 frames per second. Further, it is also equipped with a burst mode feature as well.

5C, on the other hand, fails to offer any of these features and you will have to do with the base feature, which it has to offer. However, the camera clarity isn’t bad.

The External Appearance

This is one point where 5S completely beats 5C. While 5S has an improved and stunning finish, 5C comes in plastic bodies with vibrant colors. There are a lot of people who went on to state that 5C has a cheaper finish and does not live up to the hopes and expectations that people have from an iPhone.

If you want something classy and elegant that lives up to the caliber which Apple is known for, it is 5S that seems to be the better choice.

The Price Factor

When it comes to the price factor, it is the iPhone 5C that will definitely have an upper hand. Owing to the improvement in the features; the 5S definitely comes at a higher price tag. If you are budget minded, you may wish to settle for the 5S.

The Final Verdict

Both the models by Apple seem to be pretty good and offer different specifications. However, the 5S does seem to have an upper hand in almost all specifications and is without a doubt a better choice among the two. The sole reason Apple released two different models at the same time was because it wanted to cater to Asian markets, where iPhones are priced at a premium.

Thus, for the budget minded people, iPhone 5C might be an extremely good choice, because you will get the Apple brand at affordable rates.

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