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Apple iPhone 6 Bending – ‘Bendgate’ Affair and iOS 8 Fiasco


A Tough Week for Apple

Even the most popular phone in the world isn’t perfect, no matter how perfect you consider it to be.

Many iPhone generations have gone through different types of controversies, like when iPhone 5 came out of the box damaged, or the most popular one, Antennagate affair in which iPhone 4 was losing signal. With the release of a new iPhone model, we got another affair – Bendgate.

The newest affair is regarding the iPhone 6 Plus bending. First customers of the 5.5” device reported that their device started bending after they carried it in their front pockets for a longer period of time. Of course, aluminum is far from steel and it would be illusory to expect that the two materials will have the same strength – but the question at hand is – did Apple use an alloy that’s strong enough for a simple task, like carrying a phone in your pocket? A lot of videos were posted which demonstrate the bending and breaking of the device by hand, and it’s clearly seen that the person doing it is putting a lot of effort in trying to bend the device. Under the pressure which the device was exposed to in the video, it was expected that it would bend and break, just like most other devices would. The video was posted by Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy and it already has over 30 million views on YouTube. Apple responded to iPhone 6 Bendgate controversy saying only 9 customers complained. They also stated that the new iPhone features structural reinforcements by using steel and titanium as well as that bending is “extremely rare” during normal use, and that they have conducted a number of durability tests before they shipped their devices. Obviously, Apple conducted a series of breakability tests but they might have overlooked the possibility of iPhone 6 Plus bending.

As expected, competition already started mocking Apple with HTC tweeting that their HTC One M8 smartphone is built to withstand the most demanding environments, pockets included.

LG Mobile USA tweeted that their G Flex is built to flex, not bend.

KitKat, sponsor of the latest Android version tweeted a picture of a broken KitKat chocolate bar.

Apple Offers a Temporary Solution to iOS 8 Fiasco

When a small update to iOS 8 was released (8.0.1) Apple stepped into the spotlight of yet another affair – the iOS 8 fiasco. The update reportedly “killed” the reception of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices, as well as prevented the users from using TouchID system. Apple responded quickly and sent out an announcement saying that they are working on a hotfix (update 8.0.2) which should resolve the issues. In the meantime, they offered a workaround, which explains how to reinstall iOS 8 through iTunes. You can find the instructions at: Reverting back to iOS 8 will prevent the users from using some apps, like the Health app.

Overall, it was a terrible week for both Apple and their customers.