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Viber Download and How To – Customize Your Ringtones And Add New Features


Customize Your Ringtones

If you have a mobile device, there is a big chance for it to have Viber installed. That means that you like the app and find it useful, but you’re probably tired of the default ringtone for messages and call by now. If you’re new to Viber, it probably doesn’t bother you that much but give it a little time and you’ll change your mind. In this article we’ll show you how to change the ringtone so the app has a more customized feeling.

The default ringtone is similar for calls and messages when you get started with the app, not to mention a little outdated.

Viber lets you change the ringtone for calls and messages to something of your preference but unfortunately it doesn’t come with an option for personalizing even further and setting individual ringtones for each contact.

To get started, open Viber. From the app’s Settings, choose the Notifications option. Next you will se a list of options which you can customize. At the bottom, you should see an option called Use System Sounds, which may be disabled by default, but you can enabled it and start using your desired sounds.

Enabling the option will make two new options pop up, one for the phone’s call ringtone and one for the notification sound.

Call Ringtone

The call ringtone is set by default to one of Viber’s ringtones but you’re there to change that. This option will make a list pop up when tapped, that shows all the available ringtones that come with Viber. You won’t see your gallery sounds in this list.

Notification Sound

The Notification Sound option is no different, as all you need to do is tap on it then use the provided list of options to pick a new notification sound for when your Viber receives new notifications. Once you’ve selected a sound, go ahead and tap OK.

Enhance Your iOS Viber Experience

On computers, Skype might still be ahead of competition as far as video calling apps go, but on mobile platforms, Viber pretty much established its dominance. The app is very popular across all mobile platforms, and Apple’s iOS is no exception. However, users have the possibility of taking their Viber experience even further, with a little enhancement app called Vibrator. Vibrator is free on the jailbreak alternative to the App Store, which is Cydia and the BigBoss repo. You are going to need iOS7 on your device for this to work.

Vibrator will supposedly bring new features to the stock Viber application, some of which were heavily expected by users. One of these features is the ability to turn off all in-app sounds. Also, you will be able to stop the app from assigning the “read” mark to your messages, so that people won’t be notified when you’ve read their messages. Another useful tool that is missing from the stock Viber experience is the ability to disable location features. Overall, Vibrator brings some features to Viber that many think should be included in the original app, so they can only be happy that an app like Vibrator exists.