The Moto X2 has a 5.2” OLED screen that’s coated with Corning Gorilla 3 to protect it from scratches and scrapes. As opposed to a last year’s version, which had a 720p AMOLED display, the Moto X2 features a 1080p resolution with 423ppi pixel density, making it almost as good as Samsung Galaxy S5’s display when it comes to on-screen details. Colors are very vibrant and images are really nice to look at and everything you view on the phone is quite vivid and is accompanied by great viewing angles. Viewing the screen under direct sunlight will not give you much trouble if you maximize the brightness level. Display’s responsiveness is something the Moto X2 can really brag about and it’s much better than on similar mid-range smartphone devices on the market.

OS and Features – Moto Voice

The Moto X2 runs on the Android v4.4.4 KitKat, and Motorola said that the software version will be upgradable to the Android L, when it releases later this year. The usual apps are pre-installed on the phone and some of them include Google Drive, Gmail, Chrome internet browser, Maps, etc. The Motorola’s version, of Siri and S-voice that are featured on Apple’s and Samsung’s devices respectively, is called Moto Voice and it works without you having to touch the device. You can set your own, personalized greeting to Moto Voice and activate it by saying the phrase, after which you proceed by asking it a question or giving it a command. Just like the other voice control software, Moto Voice is capable of launching your apps for you, take photos, set the alarm, and some other neat features. Of course, you will not be able to give commands to Moto Voice in loud environments, as you’ll need to be in a quiet room and break your sentences in to one-at-a-time words, which can sound a bit weird, but it will get the job done. Just like what we are used to on Samsung’s devices, there is a feature which shows you your notifications at a glance. You can wave your hand in front of the phone’s display and it will show you if you have any notifications that you might have missed.


The camera has been upgraded from the last year’s model. The Moto X2 features a 13MP camera capable of recording videos in 2160p ultra HD. There is no camera software released from Motorola so it runs on stock Android software, meaning it lacks some original features that manufacturers are known to include into their own software. The front camera can capture videos in 1080p and, just like the back camera it lacks some features you might be used to. By doing a fast but short movement with your hand you can launch the camera without having to unlock the phone. You can control the focus by tapping the screen on a certain object that’s displayed, which will result in everything around it becoming blurry. Colors on photos are pretty accurate and true to what they appear like in real-life. Overall, the camera is pretty decent but it can’t be said that it’s on par with some more powerful cameras like the one featured on the Galaxy Alpha or HTC One M8.

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