The Rifleman is one of the most readily available troops in Boom Beach.

As they are introduced as the first ever unit to be unlocked and available in the game, most players are completely familiar with it. At the same time, many of them fail to notice the power of the Rifleman because of their easy availability. Just because you can have access to them without any restrictions or any resource requirements doesn’t make them weak. In fact, they are the most versatile ones in the game who can help you make or break a mission if used promptly. Besides, being the cheapest unit in the title, you will find it really easy to use them whenever you need. They usually move at moderate speed which is good, has medium range attacks which makes it easy for beach takedowns but they are the most powerful when used in large groups. You can swarm your enemies using them.

Large Swarms

Rifleman are at their best when they are built as large swarms in Boom Beach. Instead of leaving them behind and assuming them to be a waste of time constructing, use them wisely. When you are going for landing crafts, they are the ideal choice because they can be built in large numbers. The units are very affordable and can be constructed using minimum resources which make it really easy to get them ready in bulk without much hassles.

Take Out Defences First

Before you enter the enemy island with the rifleman, make sure you take out specific defences against which your troops are most vulnerable. Some of them, including the shock bomb, artillery and barrage can easily take out your rifleman. Make sure they are all destroyed using other troops in your arsenal. One of the most dreadful ones is the Rocket Launcher. Next comes the mortar and the third is the machine gun. All three of these can easily take out a large group of rifleman at the same time. In order to succeed in Boom Beach, you should know how to efficiently use your troops, which will set your pathway to success.

When guiding your rifleman in the battlefield, use the flare to guide them properly so that they do not get into the mines and you can also use the medkit to get your troops together at the same time. It is much more effective and will allow you to keep using your rifleman in enemy territory.

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