By now, all those steady Skype users must know most of the wonderful features that Skype offers.

But behind this Skyping saga rests undiscovered and unexplored features which could make life even easier for you. Listed are a few such features which you must try for yourself and customize according to your needs.

Give your Calling Number a Genuine Identification

Many a times, you would get calls from numbers that seem so much ‘out of the world’, because of its unique country code and the number of digits displayed. Fearing hacker’s calls and fake calls, you wouldn’t want to attend the call, and later you might come to know that the call was from your own sibling.

This is when the Skype caller can give his/her number some identification, which the person whom you are calling can save in your own name. And going further, every time you call from Skype, different numbers will not confuse the person you are making the call to. To do so, visit the Skype Menuàclick your Accountà Set up caller identification. You will be asked to click on an URL and clicking on it will lead you to a set of instructions to follow. Lastly, after following every step as directed, you will be asked to enter a verification code. Once you are done with that, you’ll be giving your number some identification and friends will find it easy to recognize when you call them!

Give your Message a Face

Skype has updated its messaging features. The latest addition happens to be video messaging. You just have to record a clip of the message you want to send across and Skype it away with your friend or family. When you are living away from your close ones, these small video messages can cherish them with your memories and missing you will be out of the question.

To do this, click on the ‘+’ arrow on your contacts list and then select the ‘send video message’ option. You will be given instructions on how to record a simple video clipping. You can record it as many times as you want to, until you see the perfection in the message. The final version can then be Skyped away. This feature is more fun than the voice messages.

Hook up your Facebook Account to Skype

If Facebook is where you dwell most of the times and you have a feeling that Skype on FB could be much more fun, then there’s an answer for it as well. You can now hook up both these accounts and use your FB to get in touch with your Skype contacts. The best part is you will be able to do everything with Skype on FB that you did with Skype as a standalone feature. Here’s how you go about it: Visit your Contactsà Contacts Listà Facebook and you’ll be done.

 Sail Safe

It is always better to have your Skype contacts backed up on your computer. If you do so, you don’t have to worry even if your skype App needs reinstallation. You can always reinstall your Skype and feed in the same contacts. To create a backup of your Skype contacts, head to the Contacts menuàAdvancedàBackup Contacts to File and it will automatically generate business cards for every contact of yours and the same will be saved to your computer in the destination you choose to. If you are done now, congrats, you just sailed safe!

Choose when you should be Notified

Skype notifications are way too much at times and you might get irrelevant notifications and update notes, which might prove to be irritating. You can choose to keep away from this trouble and just choose to have important version updates etc. notified. Visit your ToolsàOptionsàNotifications and choose the on and off option.

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