Among the various handsets released last year, the Moto Droid X from Motorola was rated as the company’s top product.

However, the Moto Droid X was overshadowed easily with a plethora of products released in the market since its release. Those were tough times for the company. However, Motorola decided to fight back and came up with its latest product, the Motorola Droid X2, an apt successor to the Droid X smartphone. Because of the tough competition in the market, the Droid X2 was introduced at a reasonable price of $199.99. The smartphone comes with enhanced display and a dual core processor, giving other companies a run for their money.

However, the latest release by the company brought both the smartphones in competition with each other. Today, let us compare the two handsets in terms of their features, to determine a better handset between the two.

Software and User Interface

The Droid X2 encompasses the Android 2.2.2 operating system, which is most likely to be upgraded to Gingerbread OS soon. In addition, the handset incorporates company’s Motoblur software, which comes equipped with certain enhancements per se the user interface of the Droid X2 handset. The Droid X2 comprises of a plethora of additional applications such as the Skype Mobile, Slacker, Quick Office suite and Amazon Kindle application. In addition, the Droid X2 comprises of a plethora of Verizon services.


The droid X2 comes with certain enhancements, one among them being the dual core processor. The Droid X2 handset encompasses a Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip, which come equipped with the dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor, running at a speed of 1GHz. The processor is accompanied with an Ultra-low GeForce GPU, which offers fast performance, quick browsing and gaming graphics. However, the dual core processor of the Droid X2 handset shows its real power in browsing and game play.

The Droid X2 handset incorporates an 8MP camera, as equipped in the Droid X handset. In terms of performance, the Droid X2 camera is 44% better than its predecessor. However, the company claims that the Droid X2 smartphone offers better features than its predecessor, the Droid X handset. In terms of internal memory, the Droid X2 smartphone encompasses an 8GB of internal storage capacity. In addition, the external memory card slot for memory expansion up to 32GB is a treat to have.

However, the Droid X2 lacks in terms of 4G connectivity, user facing camera and an array of hardware features. It came as a disappointment for certain potential buyers. Nevertheless, the smartphone offers a better 1540 mAh battery unit, which offers a decent battery life.

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