Let’s take a journey through time, a year ago more precisely, and pretend to use the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 for the first time. You’ll notice that they perform differently, but our mission is to highlight HTC One’s potential and we’ll give you five reasons why this device outperforms its rival.

Appearance and durability

You can’t deny that the HTC One is looking awesome on the outside. The brushed aluminum rear with its two horizontal ridges – the one from the top is above the centered camera. Although it’s slimmer, the S4 feels boxy and the polycarbonate textured panel doesn’t give the impression that it’s more elegant. Plus, the plastic frame imitating metal eventually gets scratches when accidentally dropping the phone to the ground. The One has a notification LED located below the speaker holes and it’s noticeable when you’re using the phone. While the One doesn’t have any physical buttons on the front panel, the S4 has an elongated home button.

Speakers and Beats Audio

The dual front facing speakers are amplified with Beats Audio, and the partnership between HTC and Beats is auspicious for both companies, because there are many customers who are looking for a smartphone that offers a better audio experience. The S4 has a rear facing speaker, while the HTC one has speakers above and below the display and they’re capable to make a lot of noise.

LCD Display

The One has a 4.7inches Super LCD3 screen, while the S4 has a 5inches Super AMOLED screen, but both of them support the same resolution of 1080x1920pixels. However, the pixel density on the HTC One is higher – 469ppi, compared to 441ppi. The images on the LCD display are much brighter, while S4’s display doesn’t seem to live up to our expectations and the images are kind of pixilated.


The HTC One is available in two variants of internal memories: 32GB and 64GB and if you want to buy the variant with a bigger memory capacity, HTC has the unlocked variant for sale, on its website. Unfortunately, none of the capacities support expansion with a microSD card. The Galaxy S4 comes with three variants of internal memories: 16, 32 and 64GB, but the first two support expansion up to 64GB. The disadvantage of the 16GB variant is that after installing the OS and some other applications, you’ll have less than 9GB left, while the One has plenty “room” for other applications to be installed.

Battery Life

Although it has a smaller capacity of 2300mAh, the One seems to offer an extra hour of talk time on 3G, while Galaxy S4’s 2600mAh battery allows you to talk 17 hours on 3G. However, you might not like the idea to get stuck with the non-removable battery on the HTC One. But… no one is perfect!

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