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Ryse Son of Rome PC Version Gets New DLCs and No Microtransactions


Xbox One received Ryse Son of Rome in a grand manner, because the game was made by Crytek, the people behind the phenomenal Crysis and supported by Microsoft, as one of the best exclusives on the console.

While it is history that the game didn’t perform as expected, the game’s PC version is going to be really exciting than we ever assumed. First, we came to know that the developers at Crytek were somewhat not so happy with the inferior version of the console game and decided to make it huge.

Instead of aiming at 1080p, 60 fps they went really high and confirmed that it is going to be the best benchmark game for a long time to come. Ryse will run on 4K resolution and if you have a pretty huge gaming rig, then this game is going to test how powerful your computer is. The good news doesn’t end there because there’s a lot more to know as well.

Advanced Graphics

When we talk about 4K resolution for the game, it is given that Ryse Son of Rome is going to be graphically gorgeous. The developers confirmed that for the PC version, the game will have advanced graphics support. If you are a PC gamer, you would be familiar with terms such as anti-aliasing, tessellation, textures, shadow, lighting, linear and much more.

So many options are usually never found in consoles and cannot be controlled as they usually do in computers. Crytek confirmed it wouldn’t be pushed because they are looking forward to adopting properly, to the platform and to giving the players all the freedom they need.

DLCs and Microtransactions

There have been a couple of confirmed DLCs for Ryse Son of Rome, which has already got released on the Xbox One console. The latest update is that Crytek has decided to finally get rid of microtransactions, which we never knew existed, in the console version. It was actually used to allow players to buy extra armor, rank up their character’s statistics and so on. The system will no longer be applicable in PCs which is a saving grace. Besides, they also plan to release some new downloadable content for the Windows platform. We don’t have any solid information on the type of campaigns, weapon or content that will be released as part of this DLC release; but we will bring it to you when it pops up from the developers.