You may have heard about the Windows 10 Technical Preview that hit the web recently. If you want to join in and test it for yourself ,you can get the new OS on your computer up and running in no time, and after reading this article, you will know how to do it without even needing to complicate your life with DVDs, CDs or even USB flash drives. You can install the Windows 10 Technical Preview straight from your Windows 8.1. If you have Windows 8 or 7, don’t worry. You can also install it directly from within your OS.

How To Install It From Windows 8

The first thing you need to do its go to where you have downloaded the ISO file for Windows 10. Then, mount the image by either double clicking the file or right clicking it and selecting the “mount” option. This will make a virtual drive appear in “My Computer”.

Open the respective drive, and from within launch setup.exe. This will start the process, and a box will pop up asking you what you want to keep from your current OS, and if you want to proceed with the installation. The following instructions are easy to get by, as they are the same you get when installing Windows 8. Give it some time to finish, and don’t get alarmed if your PC will reboot a few times, as it’s part of the process. Be sure to have Windows as the first option, or be ready to choose it yourself when the system boots, if you have a dual boot system.

How To Install It From Windows 7

The method for Windows 7 isn’t very different from the one you use for Windows 8. The main difference is that Windows 7 doesn’t come with a virtual ROM managing software like Windows 8. That’s nothing to get worried about, as you can get one off the internet quick and easy. Although there are many options out there, Microsoft comes with its own solution in the form of the Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel which you can download and install from their official website. After that, the steps are identical to the ones for Windows 8.

When This Doesn’t Work

If you are using Linux or OSX, or simply couldn’t get around using the above listed guide, you are probably forced to use one of the more classic methods, like burning a CD/DVD or using a bootable flash drive. You can also try making a virtual machine on the computer you are using if you’re not totally sure you even want to install the preview.


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