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Flappy Bird Download Get Your High Score With Best Tricks, Tips and Cheats


Even if you don’t have a smartphone, we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of flappy bird, because this game was all over the news worldwide. Some love it, some hate it, some can’t get enough of it. This game makes you frustrated when you fail over and over again and that’s why there are so many haters among its fans.

Here are a few tricks, tips and cheats that will help you reach a high score in Flappy Bird game.

Don’t use iPhones

Dong Nguyen, the guy who created Flappy Bird, tweeted that this game is easier when playing from an Android, rather than from an iPhone. Also, instead of playing this game on your phone, you better start playing it on a tablet, because it will be way much easier. You will have better control on the bird, and you will notice how easy will be to reach a high score using a larger screen size.

Distractions are bad

Flappy Bird is a game that requires a lot of focus when playing it. First of all, turn off the sound, and after that (we know that sounds silly) go in a silent room. You will also want to switch to “Airplane” mode to avoid advertises and calls or text messages, which will ruin your game.

If you want to get a high score to this game, do not ever do something else while playing it, such as watching a movie or talking to your friend. It is very hard to do them both in the same time, because you won’t be able to focus on the movie or on your conversation with your friend.

Closing all the other applications

Flappy Bird crashes a lot and even if it’s nothing official, many users said that closing all other the applications made the game stop crashing. To do this, just go to your phone’s settings and tap on Force stop, on the applications you won’t need while playing Flappy Bird.

Controlling the bird

Is the Bird flapping all over your screen? That’s because you tap too fast and you should try controlling it by developing a rhythm in your tapping. By doing this, you will have an easier time controlling the bird.

Taking a break

This game requires a lot of attention and because of that, when you notice that you can’t focus anymore and you die from the first obstacles, it’s time for you to take a break. Go outside, play some other game or do something that will clear your mind.

flappy bird tricks

Falling is not always bad

Even if all the time you’re fighting against gravity, remember that falling is not always bad. Some of the pipes will be placed in the lower side of your screen, so if you tap too often, you will get too high, meaning that you will have to let your bird fall down in order to pass the obstacles.

Stay Calm

Some gamers play it for fun, while others play it for reaching a high score so they can brag about it in front of their friends. However, it is very hard to get a high score in Flappy Bird and most of the time when you will fail, you will get angry and stressed. The more stressed and angry you are, the more you are going to fail in this game. So first of all try to stay as calm as possible and if you don’t succeed, just take a break from the game.


Some say that practice doesn’t make it perfect while playing Flappy Bird, because the levels are constantly changing, and you will see that the pipes will continuously change even and they will never be placed in the same spots. So you won’t be able to know what to expect, like you do in other games. However, practice does make it better, because by playing a lot, you will be able to control the bird better, and in time you will be able to reach a high score without even focusing too much.

Hopefully, these tips will help you score the high score you’ve always wanted in Flappy Bird. If you usually get very angry by playing this game, don’t worry because that’s something normal, since most of Flappy Bird players are getting angry while playing this game. As we told you above, try to stay as calm as you can and when you feel that you can’t hold the rage anymore, just take a break from the game and do something else that will relax you.