Apple has released the heavily anticipated iPhone 6, which hasn’t disappointed and recorded massive numbers in early sales. The device along with its big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus have been very well received, but do they truly have a clear path towards the top spot for this year? We are putting it against the Nokia Lumia Icon to see just how well it performs, in this design and specs comparison.


The Nokia Lumia Icon features the characteristics you might expect from a Lumia device, although Nokia has decided to cut back on the color option when it comes to the Lumia Icon. If other Lumia models feature a wide range of colors o pick from, the Lumia Icon comes in the standard black and white colors. As for the design itself, the device is flat and has sharp edges, pretty much the opposite of what is considered hot right now.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 comes with an aluminum body that gives it a premium look and feel, and also displays some very nice, curvy edges and round corners that give it a modern and sleek look.


The Lumia Icon features a 5 inch OLED display which operates at a 1080 x 1920 resolution. The pixel density is also pretty good, 441 ppi. The iPhone 6 on the other hand comes with also a great display, featuring 4.7 inches, but lower stats. The resolutions it operates at is 750 x 1334, and the pixel density for the Apple handset is 326 ppi.

Hardware and Software

GSM Arena pins the iPhone 6 with a dual core A8 processor featuring a 1.4 GHz clock speed. In the aid of this chip comes the M8 co-processor that handles a part of the processing needs. The iPhone 6 chip is built on a 64-bit architecture. The phone also includes 1 GB of RAM.

According to the same source, the Lumia Icon provides the processing power of a quad core chip clocked at 2.2 GHx. In terms of RAM, there is a 2 GB version as well as a 3 GB one. The 2 GB of RAM version comes with 32 GB of internal storage while the 3 GB version features 64 GB of storage. Both the Lumia and the iPhone rely on their internal storage capacities for storing files as neither comes with support for microSD. As far as software goes, the iPhone 6 features Apple’s latest iOS8 and the Lumia Icon sticks with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1.

iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia Icon 2

When you get the Lumia Icon you receive a dual LED flash equipped camera with 20 MP on the rear. The lens benefits from features such as OIS. The Carl Zeiss lens supports a maximum resolution of 4992 x 374 and puts the iPhone in a tricky situation against the Lumia. The Apple handset has an 8 MP camera which does not support OIS. Features such as slow motion for videos or time-lapse are also present.

The iPhone line has always left fans complaining about the battery life, while Nokia fans generally supply reasonable performance in this category. For the Lumia Icon, the battery has a total capacity of 2420 mAh.

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