In reality, a major portion of the game has been developed in association with DICE even though Visceral games are the real people behind Battlefield Hardline.

However, an ex-DICE designer has now warned on a ‘Reddit-ask me anything’ session that it is not advisable to buy the game on day one. He recalls the many issues that occurred when Battlefield 4 got released and says that there is a high probability that it could repeat with this title as well. After all, it uses a similar game engine and Electronic Arts earlier said that they are releasing the game in 2014. But, they chose to postpone it until next year only after the title received too many negative reviews with its first beta. In the question and answer session, the DICE designer who earlier worked with the company, Tim Kjell advised gamers to not waste their hard earned money quickly, but take their time to see how well it performs.

Battlefield Launch Issues

In the Reddit session, Kjell had a brief discussion with other gaming fans, especially those who love the Battlefield franchise. He spent time in discussing the problems that Battlefield 4 faced on launch day and added that Battlefield Hardline could meet the same fate. He said, “Don’t buy it on launch day but rather wait for the game to come out and the reviews to pour in. It will give you a fair idea of what to do or not to do”. He added that earlier he gave similar advice to players in 2013 before Battlefield 4; but people learned the lesson the hard way.

“It’s just not good to throw away money at something that is yet to prove that it could keep up the promises. If the game, Battlefield Hardline is really stable at launch and running great as promised, then you can just go to buy it with the satisfaction that a great game awaits you. Instead, pre-ordering it or getting duped by false promises isn’t something that you or I would want. I would definitely wait for the reviews before I purchase it”, he said.

Visceral At Work

Visceral is really busy tweaking and making Battlefield Hardline the best game that it could be. They are dedicated and have been showing great signs of supporting the gaming community, especially in fixing all bugs that were found during the beta. It could prove that they won’t make the same mistakes as DICE, but wait for launch day.





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