The smartphones  lines from Taiwan-based manufacturer HTC usually comes rocking the Android operating system from Google. However, it isn’t a pure Android experience as you would get with a Nexus device. Instead, HTC add a little of its own flavor with the HTC Sense user interface. Today we are taking a look at HTC Sense 5, and what has improved from the previous HTC Sense 4.

The changes are observable right away, starting with the appearance of the user interface. The user interface found in HTC Sense 5 features similar visual characteristics to what you can find in the stock Android versions above Android 4+, with some adaptations however, such as new widgets and features.


Starting with Sense 5, you can switch between tabs in your contact list, applications and others, simpy by swiping right or left on your screen, This is something stock Android has for a while, and then the Sense user interface, among others.


If yu think about it, the re-design of the HTC Sense was pretty much a must, considering all the new tech coming in that deserved a beter UI. Such was the case of the HTC One. The de ice features Beats Ausio technology on the back and two BoomSound speakers. This setup deserved something better than Sense 4. As a result, users got a re-worked music player, among others. The new player introduced in Sense 5 has a Holo theme inspired once again by the stock Android design.


BlinkFeed is a cool feature that lets you stay on top of social networks. The feature can be accessed by swiping all the way to the left. It gives you access to over 1400 news feed and keeps them organized  and sleek-looking.


The performance stats have increased without a doubt when HTC crossed over from Sense 4 to Sense 5. The devices display an increased response rate and everything feels more snappy that it did before the update. The bottom line is that Sense 5 is the update HTC deserves for high-end devices such as the HTC One, as great specs don’t mean as much without a matching software, therefore the stock Android-oriented Sense 5 UI was more than welcomed.

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