In Temple Run 2, players can expect to find the same addictive gameplay as that of previous versions.

The best part is the fact that this new version comes with great additions that keep it fresh and more entertaining. The main difference in this game is the enhancement of the visuals that offer a better 3D experience to this game. Also, the game comes with a new environment to run through such as mine shafts and water bodies.

Understanding the Game

The primary goal of this game is to remain alive. Therefore, as the player collects coins, gems and power-ups, they should continue running to stay alive. The game becomes more challenging the further you run. At this point, the player has to focus more on running than on collecting coins, even though they are equally important. As you run, you need to keep an eye out for the green gems. These are used for different functions such as resurrecting and others to keep you in the game for longer.

It is always important to keep your eyes out for what is ahead. At the beginning of the game, navigation is easy but as you progress, you will realize that obstacles increase and this makes avoiding them a tad bit difficult. Therefore, keeping an eye ahead is a good way to avoid these obstacles and maintaining your current pace.

Characters and Powerups in Temple Run 2 

The game starts with a character named Guy Dangerous with the ability to unlock additional characters. One of the key differences between this version and the previous one is that in this new version, each character comes with their own special power-up. This places more importance on the need to unlock them.

Once you unlock a character, you can use the special power up with any of the other characters. This makes it possible for you to use different power-ups for different characters as opposed to using one character to be able to use a certain power-up.

The characters and their special power-ups are:

–    Guy Dangerous – his special power is the shield which is used to protect the runner from obstacles.

–    Barry Bones – his special power is the boost. It is used to propel the runner forward faster.

–    Scarlett Fox – her special power up is the coin bonus, this gives the player instant 50 coins.

–    Karma Lee – her special power up is the score bonus. Its purpose is to instantly reward the player with 500 points.

The coin magnet is one more power-up that can be used with any of the characters. It helps to attract coins instantly, even the ones not on the runner’s path.

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