Boom Beach is an exciting game where you control an entire army and go against enemies to free islanders.

While there are plenty of attack strategies and ways to take down your opponents, it is equally important to know how to defend yourself, because if your barricades are broken, you would easily lose the fight. Start off with a strong base layout which is very important to survive on the long run. Each player will have their own design and layout. You have the headquarters, the defensive buildings and the economy as well as the support buildings.

Protect Your Headquarters

Your headquarters is the heart of your Boom Beach establishment. Your base design should be in a way that no can penetrate to reach it that easily, because if you lose yours, you are done. The main goal is to defend it. Once you have placed your headquarters in the center, make sure you have many defensive structures in place surrounding it. This will make sure that your enemies can’t try to move their troops into the weak spot and destroy the HQ.

When placing your rocket launchers, never put them right next to the building. It will hinder the HQ’s vision which will make it easy for warriors to penetrate and bring down the structure. On the contrary, you should always put the flamethrowers very close to your headquarter building. They have the ability to kill warriors, even if some manage to penetrate and get close to it. They should be touching the building to ensure it is properly defended.

Mines are a great defensive mechanism. Place them one space away from your HQ and surrounding the building with mines so that warriors, who attempt to penetrate the zone, take heavy damage. Most of them will be destroyed by these mines; but don’t place them against your headquarters.

Defensive Buildings

The defensive buildings in Boom Beach including Sniper Tower, Machine Gun, Cannon, Flame thrower and Boom Cannon will come to your rescue. Each one of them will have a strong advantage against a certain troop type. Combine them to cover your establishments. Use Cannons and Flamethrowers together so that they can defend you from tanks, warriors as well as riflemen. This is how a strong defensive strategy should be, where your base is safe from any type of attack and is even prepared for surprise assaults that might take place.


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