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Minecraft PS3 Update Includes Horses


Minecraft for PlayStation 3 was released almost a year ago now, and has had just one big update released for it, referred to as TU14, or the 1.3 update. This brought the consoles version of Minecraft every so slightly closer to the primary (PC) version, but since that update we have seen nothing in the line of updates or even update news since then, despite many craving news on TU19.

This fact changed yesterday however, when we saw the first piece of information regarding this next update, and it was fairly significant. The developers of the console versions, 4JStudios announced that the next update might “take a while” because not only was it going to bring one update worth of content over from PC, it was actually going to update the console all the way to 1.6.4 from the PC version.

This might not sound like a big deal if you don’t follow Minecraft for PC, but this would essentially mean three big updates in one, the 1.4 Halloween update, the 1.5 redstone update and the 1.6 horse update. Needless to say many are excited, as the console version of the game is going to see its biggest update ever.

So, what will this update include? First and foremost, horses and donkeys. These are two new mobs that can be tamed and ridden, and offer another form of transportation across your Minecraft world. On top of being able to ride them, you can store items in them, making the first truly portable chest, essentially. Finally, you can breed them and this also allows for them to be bred together to create the mule!

We’ll also be seeing a lot of new blocks which will improve customization and allow for more expression of yourself in your Minecraft world. Namely, the coal block, stained clay and hardened clay. Golden apples also receive somewhat of a buff from this update, giving you extra health instead of just faster regeneration.

From the redstone update, or 1.5 we’ll be seeing a massive change to the way redstone works. This will essentially change it into an analogue signal, which allows for new items like the daylight detector and the weighted pressure plate to create different redstone signal outputs based on different criteria.

As well as these sweeping changes to redstone systems, we also see some more mine carts being added into the game, such as the mine cart with TNT, and the all new redstone block, which offers movable redstone power, as well as an excellent way to store lots of redstone in one stylish place.

Finally, the Halloween or 1.4 update brings the least new features, but combined they definitely pack the biggest punch. First of all we see a brand new boss being added to the game in the form of the wither, a boss which requires immense preparation and team work to fight. To create the wither you must kill enough (new) wither skeletons to have them drop their rare wither skeleton heads.

It also brings with it beacons to give yourself something to do once you’ve fought the wither, and perhaps even reason to fight it again, as well as the ability for slimes to spawn in swamps during the day. Finally, it brings two more new mobs to fit the scary theme, the bats and the witches.

So, this is great sounding, so much packed into one update for the consoles. So, what’s the catch you might ask? Unfortunately it seems the answer is even more waiting, as we’re expected to see this update around about a year after the previous one, in early 2015. We may be pleasantly surprised with an earlier release date, but such does not look entirely likely right now.