Phil Labonte
Phil Labonte
All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte may not have any of my respect, but at least the dude’s honest and can admit that last album his band released was a piece of shit.

On his recent stint on “The Jasta Show,” Phil said that the band’s next album — produced by Josh Wilbur — is by far their greatest.

Sure it is.

“A War You Cannot Win had some of our biggest singles. I think, overall, the record, in general, sucked. I think that For We Are Many, in my opinion, For We Are Many is one of our best records, in my personal opinion, it’s our best record. Overcome has our biggest single ever.

“If ‘Two Weeks’ was on A War Cannot Win, it would have been No. 1 for a long time. It’s just that when you go to radio, you have to prove yourself. So ‘Two Weeks’ was really us pushing our way in, so I think it got to No. 6 or No. 5 or something. But I think that if it was now that we wrote that song, I think that it would be No. 1 for a while. Personally, I think that we have a lot of songs [on the new album] that are better.”


No one’s falling for it, buddy.

You release crap you know sucks, and that makes you a fucking hack who cares not for his fans, but more about the thickness of his wallet.

Fucking hack.

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