People who were looking forward to purchasing a media-streaming player to enhance their TV watching experience would come across a multitude of options.

Considering the variety of options available in the market, the potential buyer is most likely to come across four major names – Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV.

Today, we compare the main features, differences and similarities between Roku and Apple TV, offered almost at a similar price.

Roku: What does it offer?

Those who have already used it have rated Roku’s services high. The users are provided with the right set of results. The device is renowned for its strong design and a plethora of options it offers to the users. The potential user is offered an array of channels and applications to choose from, providing sufficient source of entertainment to enjoy.

Roku 3 encompasses a smart processor, which is a dual core 900 MHz accompanied with a RAM of 512MB, for smoother performance of the device. In addition, the Device comes equipped with an external memory card slot for memory enhancement and data storage.

In terms of video resolution, the Roku offers the user with similar specifications as that of the Apple TV. Roku 3 offers the user with 1080p HDMI of video resolution.

Apple TV: A Brand living up to its name

The Apple TV media-streaming player boasts of quality. You can be assured of the quality of product offered by the company, similar to its smartphone line up. A big gun in the field of technology, Apple lives up to its reputation by offering the potential buyer with the best quality product. It offers the user with a plethora of applications, but keeps the user yearning for more.

Comparing to the apps provided by Roku, the Apple TV users would crave for more apps, such as Amazon services. Regardless, the Apple TV users can make use of Hulu Plus, HBO GO and YouTube services.

Airplay Feature: The Airplay feature of the Apple TV is by far the best service, among the other available services of various companies. It enables the user to stream and play the content directly from iTunes library onto the big screen.

Processor: In terms of the processor, the Apple TV offers the user with a single core 2GHz processor, for a smooth performance of the device.

Video Playback: The video playback is decent at 1080p HDMI. It offers clear pictures and flawless support service. The user would not be disappointed with the services offered by the Apple team.


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