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FIFA 15 Download with Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks

  1. Picking the right team

If you want to have possession of the ball you will want to pick a team like Barcelona. For a good defense you can get Atletico Madrid and to destroy a team with devastating attacks you can pick either Real Madrid or Manchester United.

Of course, the tactics and formation play a big role to this and, because of this, you can experience a lot of tactics with random teams and switch formations until you find the best tactic that suits your play style.

  1. Ultimate Team

There are big chances that you bought FIFA 15 for the Ultimate Team. This mode gets more addictive from year to year as EA keeps improving it.

Now, let’s get to the most important thing which is player chemistry. Each player has a chemistry rating of 10. This is divided by his league or nationality standing, preferred position and formation. Each player links with every team mate and to give an example, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos team up perfectly, even if they are from different clubs. They will have good chemistry because they are both Spanish and they play in the same league. So, first of all, when you try to buy a player, buy it from the same league. After that, you can look up for other things like nationality and see which player fits better in your team, in order to create a team with a good chemistry.

  1. Shooting on sight

It seems that in FIFA 15 you better shoot on sight than try to walk the ball into the net, like you did in FIFA 14. If in FIFA 14, the shooting mechanics were a bit messed up and good players knew every single angle and shot type combined with the perfect power and the goal was 100% guarantied. It seems that EA has solved this issue in FIFA 15 and the players will not be able to score after every shot. Other things that have been added to calculation are: player’s position and inertia, foot position, form, ability, preferred foot, etc.

In FIFA 15, there are many ways to score than ever and it seems that finesse shots are back and way better than they were in FIFA 13.

  1. Don’t use Sprint too much

We know that it’s tempting to chase your opponents or sprint in order to avoid someone from tackling you, but you should try to avoid pushing the Sprint button too much. If you do this, a good passing team will destroy your players physically and in the last 20minutes (game time) most of them will be totally disoriented, making your defensive vulnerable.

Try to be patient and pick the right physical battles.

  1. Buying items from EASFC catalogue

After playing a few games in FIFA 15, you will unlock some rewards that are in the catalogue, saving you hours of work if you manage it correctly. The coin boost can bring you 1000 coins per match for the next 5 matches.

There are many other rewards such as celebrations, emblems and skills. Friends can also send you stuff from their catalogue, so if you have any friends, you can ask them for some help.

  1. Strategy

The strategy plays a big role both in real life football and in FIFA 15 as well. If you pick Barcelona or Real Madrid, you will have the best attacking players that FIFA 15 has, which come with great skills, pace and technique. They are good at shooting, passing and have a good stamina which will destroy any team if you set them defensively.

A good formation for this team would be 4-3-3 for being good at defending but at the same time, Messi will always be in the right place at the right time. With other words, you will crush the other teams with counterattacks.

  1. Passing

FIFA 15, as real life football, relies on passing the ball. Having a team that passes a lot will destroy the other team physically, which will make the last minutes to be very easy for you to score. If in FIFA 14, the developers messed up the passing, now they are back and they are better than ever.

It seems that FIFA 15 encourages passing triangles and by using this system you’ll have many shots and you’ll reach your goals.

  1. Practice

The saying “practice makes it perfect” works on FIFA 15 also. Before you start playing matches, you should first practice a bit to get a feel of how you control players in FIFA 15. As you know most of FIFA games, change from year to year, and as we told you above, now it really matters the players’ position, foot position, the form of the players, preferred foot, inertia and many other factors that will influence the shooting.

You should try practicing for the corner kicks as they seem to be more difficult in FIFA 15. You should aim for the biggest man to have a good chance to score, but you will find that this is harder than usual.

  1. Tricks

The tricks system in FIFA 15 is pretty much the same like in the previous FIFA versions. However, there are a few slight tweaks that will improve your game play. Try to forget the complex tricks and instead practice two basic skills which can help you a lot in the game.

The two tricks we’re talking about are the double touch and foot roll. Both of them are extremely effective and can be done by pressing two buttons.

Try to keep things simple and you will notice that’s way easier to just stick to those simple tricks instead of doing complex tricks. You can also check the skills guide and spend some time and learn them while in training mode.

And the last one, 10: Youth Career Mode

If you pick some good youth players and do the right training to them, you can make them the next super stars. Try to scout and buy as many youth players as possible because it doesn’t involve little risk and the reward is quite big, in case you succeed on bringing a player in the right path and make him a superstar.

Youth players are loyal and don’t cost so much and you can sell them for good money after you train them for a few seasons.