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Minecraft Xbox One – The Only Reason You Should Buy the Xbox One


It is amazing to have Minecraft come to the Xbox One, but what is even more exciting is that the game has been made better in many ways.

If you are looking for a reason why you should own an Xbox, Minecraft Xbox One Edition should be your number one reason.

If you are a Minecraft fan, you might be asking yourself what the differences between this new edition and the previous ones are. Well, it is still the incredible game it has always been only that now it has been made better. It has been made more exciting for its longtime fans and also for first-timers.

Easy Menu Navigation

A tabbed interface has been used to simplify the crafting tables and building tools. This makes it easier for you to know what you can make with what you have, and what more you can make with what you have created. Everything has been put in its category in a logical manner, making it easy to select what you want.

Intuitive Controls

All the necessary things have been put in the Xbox One game pad in a clear and straightforward way such that it’s easy for a new player to get a swift drift of the game. This was done quite keenly to ensuring there were no flaws.

Tutorial Pop-ins

Minecraft Xbox One edition has a tutorial island where you will learn the basics of building, mining, crafting and gathering resources. There are also useful pop-ins that give you information to a player in regard to what they are doing at that time. However, some of the major things you will learn as you progress with the game.

If you are already well versed in the game, all you need is to transfer your skills to an Xbox One to play the Minecraft Xbox One edition.

Simple Online Multiplayer

On your options menu, check the box that will indicate that your game is online-capable. If you want to play with your friends or any other person, you can set to send invites. You do not need to set up a server – it only takes one press of a button. This applies to player-vs-player action as well.

Online, you can have a maximum of eight players -four can use the split screen option. It is exciting having eight players running around the same map with a similar objective. This will give you the best gaming experience ever.


Minecraft Xbox One edition has a great bounty that rewards a player’s determination, creativity and skills. You would better set your mind to getting a perfect 1000 Gamerscore.


Add-On Content

Among the features in Minecraft Xbox One edition is the largest selection of DLC you can get on console,  over 20 texture packs, mash-ups and skins inclusive of the Xbox Halo Mash-up pack .

If you have Minecraft Xbox 360 version, you can upgrade it for $4.99 to get the Xbox One edition