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Google Maps Navigation vs A Dedicated GPS – Download And Use Only The Best


When you’re planning to go on a trip to an unknown place and you need a GPS to guide you along the way? Have your smartphone’s GPS failed you when you were driving your car through town, trying to get to a specific place, but you got in the wrong place? Have you tried Google Maps yet? If not, we’ll tell you why this mobile application will never let you down.

Google Maps

Developed by Google, this mobile app is supported by Android and iOS and it requires an internet connection (3G, 4G, WiFi) to have access to a GPS navigation system. If you have an Android device, you’ll be guided vocally, receiving instructions to turn right or left in order to reach to your destination. When you’ll start the application, you’ll enter the destination and everytime you make a turn to left or right, you’ll see yourself following the route displayed by the app.

Google Maps comes with a lot of features such as search, multiple views, car dock mode walking and transit, offline guidance etc. When you don’t know the name of the street, but you remember the name of a nearby restaurant or hotel, just enter its name and the application will recognize the word and will give instructions how to get to that place. Anyway, the app is also capable of recognizing words related to food (ex. burgers) and will suggest you the nearest destination. Use your voice instead of typing, because it will help you a lot when you’re caught in traffic. Speaking of traffic, you’ll receive data from cameras or other Android devices using Google Maps, so you’ll know what to expect. When using a satellite, you’ll get a route seen from a “bird’s eye” view, and the Google Street View will give you a route from first-person view. If your device doesn’t come with a special car dock, buy one and put your phone there. Once enabled, you’ll find it easier to have access to the app’s features. Walking and Transit will give you voice navigation in 400 worldwide cities, while when losing the internet connection, but not before saving a route temporarily, you’ll be able to use that route in offline mode.

Google Maps keeps updating its maps and you don’t have to wait too much like in the case of traditional GPS units.

Traditional GPS Devices

No matter how awesome Google Maps is, it still lacks important features like those found on dedicated GPS units. To use a traditional GPS device, you don’t need data connection, because it already comes with a built in map. Another useful feature is Lane Assist, which gets you out of trouble when you’re unfamiliar with some intersections or turns. Multiple Time Formats gives a countdown in minutes or ETA, while some GPS units come with all types of voices.

So, which one are you using: Google Maps or a traditional GPS device?