Rockstar Games is known to patch glitches and exploits pretty fast in GTA Online, so if you still haven’t tried the method that is about to be described, we suggest that you hop into the game straight away, and give it a shot.

Gamers have always been known to find the most innovative ways of bending the game mechanics to their advantage, especially when it comes to making unlimited money. Glitches that are often used in GTA Online, include RP farming missions (missions that are fast to do, and yield high reward upon completion).

Potshot Mission – Step By Step Tutorial

One YouTuber has posted a video explaining the process of making money really quick in GTA Online by simply farming missions like the Potshot on PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles.

We bring you a step by step tutorial on how it’s done in the recent 1.17 update:

  • Launch GTA Online on one of the aforementioned consoles, and then navigate to Online > Playlists > My Bookmarked Playlists > Potshot mission.
  • If you haven’t yet installed the Potshot mission, you will need to download it; so go ahead and do that.
  • Launch the mission and wait for it to load.
  • Enter a vehicle of your choosing and go to the bridge that is being guarded by two thugs.
  • Take your sniper rifle out, and take the thugs out. After you’ve done that, wait for the van to get to the bridge.
  • Once the van arrives, take out the driver with a machine gun (or a minigun if you have one) before he runs you over.
  • Steal the van and drive it to Trevor’s trailer that is marked on your map, and park it at the marked location.
  • Once you park the vehicle, you will receive $7310, 1555 reputation points (RP) and 15+ JP (job points).

Holed Up Mission – How it’s done

Another mission that has quick money making capabilities is called Holed Up. Burton can be unlocked as part of the missions offered by Martin in GTA Online. This mission is only accessible to players that have achieved rank 50 or higher.

If the mission is inaccessible for some reason, you can ask a friend to invite you, or give a call to Lester or Simeon and start it manually.

In this mission you have to get to the apartment building and take out gang members that are guarding the parking lot. Once you kill all of them, you can pick up the cash that is on the ground and then proceed to escort Burton back to Madrazo’s home. Finishing this mission will yield $16800, 2810 RP, and 15+ Job points.

If you haven’t tried any of these methods yet, we strongly suggest you give it a go as soon as possible. Rockstar Games probably knows about these glitches and exploits and, they are likely to issue a hotfix in order to prevent the players from earning piles of money really quick.

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