Good news for all GTA fans, as Rockstar confirmed that the development for GTA 6 Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC editions has started. It seems that Rockstar is currently working on GTA Online, but at the same time Rockstar Games’ president, Leslie Benzies, hinted that they have a lot of ideas for GTA 6.

Benzies added that at some point they will want to bring all the cities together in one game, but this won’t happen any time soon, unfortunately. The Rockstar Games president hinted that GTA 6’s location will be settled in Vice City, but he didn’t give more details about it.

Until now, there were rumors that GTA 6 will be set in Liberty City while others said that the next sequel location will be set in one of these cities: Brasil, Las Vega, London or Paris.

GTA 6’s next location based on Borders of Mexico

In concordance with m15wallis, a reddit user, Texas might be the next location of GTA 6. The location seems to be right for the upcoming GTA 6, since the place comes with features such as rich people, poor people, urban locations and rural locations, which can bring a very good storyline and side quests.

Borders of Mexico, can be a good settlement for GTA 6, because the developers will be able to bring damn good missions related to drug cartels, money laundry and other political and social issues that surround the country border.

However, official news about the GTA 6 will probably not come until the GTA 5 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions will be released, which will happen somewhere on November 18 or November 4, as new rumors suggest. After that, the developers will focus on finishing the GTA 5 PC Edition and hopefully, GTA 6 as well.

According to Rockstar, the delay for the PC Edition is due to the fact that they are trying to bring a smooth version and they want to make sure they’ll make a good game before releasing it, so they feel that the GTA 5 PC Edition needs more work.

The GTA fans can place pre-orders for GTA 5, and Rockstar Games will send a gift to them of 1.000.000 dollars in-game cash across GTA 5 and GTA Online.

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