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Android Apps for PC – Can You Run Them without Bluestacks?


If you were to ask anyone who uses Android apps for PC, Bluestacks would more often than not feature as one of the must have apps.

Bluestacks is an Android app emulator that makes it possible for Android apps to be used on PC. The problem with Bluestacks is that the user is supposed to upgrade their PC for this emulator to work. The PC should run on 2GB RAM and above, should have a powerful graphics card and a super fast processor.

Most PC users may not have the resources required to upgrade their computers to be able to run Bluestacks. For this reason, developers have come up with other emulators that do not necessarily call for a system upgrade.

Great Bluestacks Alternatives for Your PC

The YouWave Emulator

With this emulator, the user does not need to upgrade their system and can still enjoy using Android apps on their PC. It is worth noting that the YouWave emulator is premium software. However, it does come with a ten day trial version, which makes it easy for the user to decide whether it is the right emulator for their needs. This emulator is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP as well as Windows Vista. It also comes with SDcard functions, multiplayer gaming features, volume controls and a control panel.

Android SDK Emulator

This app is also known as the native Android emulator. It allows users to test and even run Android apps on PC with the least installation requirements. The Android SDK emulator is a Google product and hence comes packed with features from Google that are hardly found in other emulators. This is a free to use emulator and supports apps for the latest Android OS. One of its key features is the easy to use interface that comes with great sound quality.

The Jar of Beans Emulator

This Android emulator is only compatible with the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Android version and only works best when used on high quality screen resolutions. This emulator does have an easy to use interface and works with a 1280×768 resolution and above. It also comes with excellent sound quality and can also install APK file applications. It does support SD card usage and can be used on Windows.

The GenyMotion Emulator

The GenyMotion emulator is an upgraded version of the VM emulator. It is available as a premium and free version and can be used to run the Android apps on PC. This app has a very friendly interface that can be used even by a newbie. It is compatible with Linux, Mac and even Windows. This emulator has an edge over the rest as it includes GPS and even accelerometer features. It also comes with a very powerful command line and a camera widget that enables users to use the webcam as the front and rear cameras of the Android devices.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of Android apps for PC emulators that do not necessarily need system upgrades. They come with different features and functions to meet the needs of different PC users. If you are not looking to upgrade your PC, any of these emulators will work as well as the Bluestacks emulator.