While the Galaxy S5 has been around since April, the HTC Desire Eye is a device that has just been recently unveiled. The handset is manufactured by HTC and is what you might call a “selfie” phone, due to its emphasis on the front facing camera. In this comparison we are putting their specs to the test to see which comes out victorious.


Design and Display

The HTC Desire Eye measures 0.33 inches in thickness and weighs 154 grams. This makes the device both heavier and thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S5 which measures 0.32 inches in thickness and weighs only 145 grams.

The screen that comes with the HTC Desire Eye measures 5.2 inches and uses the LCD technology at a 1080 x 1920 resolution and 424 ppi pixel density. On the other hand, the Samsung device  has 5.1 inches of Super AMOLED display, with a pixel density of 432 ppi.

Special mentions include the fact that the Desire Eye has a physical button for the camera shutter, while the S5 comes with a perforated back cover.

Hardware and Software

According to GSM Arena, the processing power is assured by the same chip in both cases, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Krait 400 , The Samsung handset however has a bigger clock speed, with 2.5 GHz compared to 2.3 GHz. The amount of RAM available in both cases is 2 GB. You can use a micro SD card to boost your phone’s internal storage up to 128 GB, but the original memory quantity you start out on these devices is 16 and 32 GB respectively, 16 for the HTC and an extra 32 GB version for the Galaxy S5.

The 16 MP on the rear and 2 MP on the front combine into a very useful and great photo experience. Its competitor packs a 13 MP sensor on the rear, but also on the back of the device, making it a 13 MP front facing lens like never before.

The power supply behind the HTC Desire Eye is a 2400 mAh battery unit which is actually smaller than the 2800 mAh battery .

In terms of software, you can rest assured that both devices come operating Android’s latest OS, which is Android KitKat.

The Galaxy S5 comes with some really cool features, such as the fingerprint scanner or water and dust resistant. The HTC is also resistant to dust and water.


On Amazon.com, the S5 is about $510.while the Desire Eye is expected to come at a lower price.


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