The Farm Heroes Saga is one of the many games that come with interesting and very helpful boosters.

These power-ups/boosters can be used at any level with the exception of a few.

If you play this game for long, you will come across five specific power-ups that are key to your success. These five boosters are available for free each day as they regenerate over time without the need for the player to do anything at all. Alternatively, you can choose to buy boosters with your gold bars. Once they are bought, you get them in sets of three.

Shovel Booster

This is a booster that goes for 250 magic beans – if you buy them before starting a level. You can also purchase them for 9 gold bars if you happen to need them when playing. If you want the free version, you will have to wait up to 6 hours for the power-up to regenerate.

You can use the shovel power up to:

–    Dig up simple elements.

–    Grow flowers.

–    Crack Farm Heroes Saga eggs

–    Shatter ice

–    Move chicken or frog

–    Bach rabbits on the head to stop them for two turns.

–    Move firecrackers.

–    Remove bombs and seeds.

–    Break snowballs.

When you use this power-up, you do not use your moves. This makes it the perfect power up for saving moves.

Tractor Booster

This booster can be purchased for 12 gold bars. You can also wait for it to regenerate after every 12 hours. This booster can be used to remove a row of elements. However, this booster cannot be used to remove ice, seeds, flowers or any other elements aside from the original cropsies on the game, suns and water. If you complete level 38 with two stars at the very least, you will get three tractor boosters in the farm club.

Bonus Reward Booster

This is a booster that can be acquired for 16 gold bars, or you can wait for it to regenerate after 16 hours. This booster will place a ‘+1’ on all elements of the level being played. You can unlock this booster once you reach level 2.  It is important to note than it is impossible for you to reverse the selection of this booster once it is selected. When you complete level 38 with all 3 stars, you will get 3 ‘+1’ boosters in the farm club.

Color Collect Booster

This is a booster than can be purchased for 19 gold bars and takes 24 hours to regenerate. All you need to do is unlock the Doggie Booster which is possible on level 22 after which you will get 3 Doggie Boosters. This color collect booster will get rid of all the elements of the same color. You get to choose which element you want removed from the game board.

You can get 3 Doggie Boosters by completing level 83 with 3 stars.

Clean-Up Booster  

This is a fairly new power-up for this game. It is used to turn all visible grumpy crops to regular ones. This booster does not regenerate and can only be purchased using gold bars. Therefore, it should only be used for levels where it is really needed.



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