After releasing the Minecraft PS4 and Minecraft Xbox One editions, Mojang and 4J Studios have finally shifted their focus onto the Minecraft PS Vita edition.

The brick building mining game now has an official release date for the handheld console. The version has been in the making for a long time because the developers were really busy trying to get the next gen editions ready and fixing bugs on the older version of the games. As they are done with the major job now, we are glad to know the game is coming to PS Vita and you can actually play the game on the go, using actual analog controls and buttons unlike the tablet versions.

Sony Officially Confirmed

Sony, in their recent press statement, confirmed the release date of Minecraft PS Vita edition for both US and the Europe region. The game will first get launched in Europe after which it will make its way to other markets shortly. People will be able to purchase the game for $20 from October 14th onwards and it will also be available at retail stores in the US from the second week of October. You can choose to purchase a physical copy of the game with a snazzy box art if you like to showcase it along with your other collection.

Cross Buy Options

Users have a variety of cross buy options which Sony has revealed in their press statement. If you choose to digitally buy the Playstation Vita edition of the game, you will have some exclusive offers. One is you will be able to download the PS3 version of the same game for free while you just have to pay $5 to get the Minecraft PS4 edition.

For those who prefer to buy the retail physical copy, Sony confirms that the game will come with a voucher code using which you will be able to download the Vita as well as PS3 edition of the game. The same offer which allows you to upgrade to the Playstation 4 edition of Minecraft for $4.99 is applicable.

Players who own the Minecraft Playstation 3 edition and have not purchased the Playstation 4 version of the game will be able to upgrade to Minecraft PS Vita for free. The offer is not applicable if you have already purchased both versions of the game. The announcement of the release date was made through the Twitter handle as usual. When Microsoft purchased Mojang, it was rumored that PS Vita would never make it out but it’s good to know that it’s not stalled.


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