It is easy to tell how far the world has come, in terms of mobile technology. Mobile phones have come a long way in terms of performance and appearance.

The iPhone 6 is one of the latest smartphones to be released in the market. While it can still be considered as an average size smartphone, this iPhone 6 is a change that was long overdue for iPhone brand smartphones.

With a 4.7 inch screen, Apple has finally managed to create a balance between more screen space and resolution on a pocket-friendly size mobile phone.

There are many reasons that would compel you to get the new iPhone 6. Here are six good reasons you should get an iPhone 6.

Why You Should Get the New iPhone 6

  • The iPhone 6 comes with a 4.7inch screen. Apple has gone a step further to perfect the resolution of this screen. The iPhone comes with a 1334×750 screen resolution with 720p.While most smartphones come with full HD displays these days, Apple did not feel the need to make this phone a full HD phone. Compared to other phones, the iPhone 6 offers more clarity and sharpness.
  • This smartphone comes with the all new Apple 8 SoC that has a 1.4GHz dual core CPU. While this may seem rather slow, when compared to its Android counterparts, this phone comes with a very well optimized operating system that allows the CPU handle the OS much faster. This makes this iPhone faster than most Android devices in the market.
  • The graphics performance is something to die for. This places it at par with current flagship phones from other brands. The level of detail when playing a game on the iPhone 6 can be compared to that of the Galaxy S5.
  • The iPhone 6 also comes with a non-replaceable 1810 mAh battery, which is bigger than the battery on most phones. This is a big bonus since the new operating system has been created to be power efficient. As a result, you get to enjoy more than 12 hours on video playback and more than 50 hours on music playback. This is a great improvement when compared to most smartphones.
  • The iPhone 6 comes with an f/2.2 aperture lens, a third inch sensor that comes with 1.5µm plus an 8MP resolution. All it lacks is an optical image stabilizer. What all this means is that the iPhone 6 can shoot amazing photos and videos. The camera also comes with an auto-face detection feature that is faster and more accurate. The image quality is nothing short of excellent and the camera comes with a noise reduction feature. Moreover, the phone’s camera also comes with LED flash that makes it possible to shoot clear images in low light.
  • The iPhone 6 comes with upgraded LTE support for 4G network at home or when roaming. The call quality on the iPhone 6 is also excellent. The phone now supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking which supports a 150mbit/s total throughput. This allows for faster iCloud backups and downloading of applications.

These are the reasons you should get yourself the new iPhone 6 today.


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