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iPhone 6 Has Useful Features, But Not These Ones


The iPhone 6 is doing great in the market as it comes loaded with a lot of features that rapidly grab the public’s attention. Many of these features are cool and useful, but the iPhone 6 also has a few features that just don’t mean that much, and Apple could have easily left behind. Here are some of the iPhone 6 features that you probably won’t drool over.


With this feature, when you move your device from side to side, the home screen of your iPhone 6 will get a 3D perspective. While may sound nice in theory, actually using it will mean more battery drained and for some even dizziness after a while.


Spotlight was design to enhance the phone’s search system, as it brings up more results than usual, but often enough there are many results displayed that have nothing to do with what you were actually searching for in the first place. The feature can be tweaked to show more or less results of certain types.

Keyboard Predictions

This new feature provides help for when you are typing, so that the phone will predict what word you will use next, based on your previous texts, which it has learned from. This can also make your phone auto-fill your passwords, which isn’t very good if your phone gets into the wrong hands.


This one is rarely used. It is presumably an app that gives you medical related information and suggestions but it hasn’t caught on with the iPhone users.

Alerts for apps

You can also expect your iPhone to constantly alert you about that app that’s running in the background, as it would want to know whether to let it be or not. To stop it, you would have to go to Background App Refresh, under the General section of your Settings.