For most people today, a smartphone is not just a communication gadget, but also an accessory.

This is why there has been an ever increasing number of smartphones being produced each year to satisfy people’s search for better and more sophisticated smartphones. Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers. They offer state of the art high-end and mid-range smartphones that come bundled with amazing features.

Over the last few years, there have been rumors over the possibility of Samsung launching a bendable smartphone. Samsung already proved to the world that it can build smartphones with a flexible screen with the Samsung Galaxy Round. This has been the world’s first ever curved smartphone that comes with a flexible display.

Last year, Samsung demonstrated their new OLED flexible smartphone display in the CES keynote. This display makes use of organic light emitting diode chemicals. Just a thin layer of these chemicals is required to produce a colorful and bright screen.  Already, OLED was used on most smartphones by Samsung. To create a bendable smartphone, Samsung has used the OLED chemicals over a thin plastic as opposed to regular glass.

While these flexible display smartphones have been in the pipeline for years, it is only now that Samsung has taken steps towards creating and launching bendable smartphones.

These new OLED smartphones from Samsung can be bent forwards or backwards without losing their HD image quality. It is expected that Samsung will use this new technology to create their new Youm tablet and smartphone line.

Why Is There Need For Flexible Smartphones?

This is an issue that has dumbfounded smartphone users for some time. Nevertheless, it is a very much welcomed concept.

There are three possible reasons for creating bendable and flexible smartphones:


As mentioned above, the screen has to be made with OLED chemicals on a plastic surface to be able to create a bendable screen. This means that the phones will be more durable that their glass counterparts. This is a major plus for smartphone users as it reduces on the cost of having to repair the screen each time it cracks or gets distorted accidentally. This is one of the best ideas Samsung has come up with in a long time.

Weight Issues

Plastic is much lighter than glass. This is due to the atomic composition of plastic, which makes it lighter than glass of equal size. The creation of a bendable screen smartphone only means that users will have an easier time carrying the smartphone around.

Thinner Dimensions  

Since the smartphone is expected to be 100% bendable, it is only natural for Samsung to create a considerably thin phone – possibly thinner than any other Samsung smartphone ever created. This is a plus for smartphone lovers who are just tired of bulky smartphone.

Expected Release Dates

For now, there is no word from Samsung on the release of the bendable smartphone. However, it seems much more probable now, than it was a few years ago. Who is to tell, Samsung may just release this new smartphone in 2015 or 2016.

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