When they announced the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we knew that it is not a standalone game, but rather a title meant to fill up the game before the original game gets released.

The developers did a decent job of introducing some of the back stories for the characters in this sequel, where you get to play as Clap Trap, which is fun. There’s also plenty of content where you get introduced to Jack, the dreaded villain from Borderlands 2, who is actually just an ambitious man with lots of dreams in this one. Instead of killing him as soon as you meet, you talk to him and indulge in missions with him. That’s something we never expected the game to have and it is fun.

Four Player Co-op

Whatever the game has or lacks, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the best when it comes to offering you a complete co-op experience. While many games focus on providing a two player mode, this is one title that is really best at indulging four different players at the same time. In the initial levels, getting to jump, glide and shoot down enemies is real fun. You are equipped with an all new Oz dispenser which gives you the required oxygen, but also allows you to always do boost jumps. It helps you cover a lot of area in a quick move.

Compared to the last game, this one doesn’t offer much in terms of innovation. Each character has unique abilities, which lets each player feel important in the game. One can create a shield to protect your teammates while the other is much more powerful in handling powerful guns, which comes in handy during boss fights. The enjoyable mechanism of the game franchise is there in abundance and you are sure to find it fun, especially when you team up with four different friends.

The Good Things

However, when compared to the earlier game, the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel doesn’t have anything new to offer, which might turn off some players. They have added some innovative concepts and including clap trap in the playable list is a good move. The problem is that this game is too big to be a DLC and doesn’t have the size of a full game to satisfy you in the end.

It deserves a seven out of ten rating! Try it for the co-op experience and your passion to revisit the Borderlands because a new game is nowhere in the horizon until the mid of 2015 or so.


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