Moto G is a phone that went a long way into convincing users that even mid-range phones can now offer performance similar to that of a high end device.

Motorola launched the second generation of this highly successful phone. While the American company is going down the road of Android once again, BlackBerry tried to go back to its roots once again by launching a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Q5 came into the market a year ago.


The standout aspect of the BlackBerry Q5 is undoubtedly the physical keyboard. The mobile phone industry has become so infatuated with touchscreens that the prospect of having a physical keyboard has become almost impossible even for those with sufficient budget in their hands. Q5 comes to change this aspect by providing a 3.1 inch display with a full keyboard. Motorola, meanwhile, offers the same touchscreen display that has become a norm in the segment. Its display measures 5 inches in size, which is a substantial increase over the previous generation.

The presence of a 5 inch display provides certain difficulties in terms of pixel density, as the resolution needs to be high in order to cope with the large display. The Moto G2 appears to be excellent in this regard by virtue of having a HD resolution, which puts the display at just under 300 pixels per inch. The Q5 is significantly better, albeit because of the smaller screen, even with a slightly odd 720 x 720 pixels of resolution. The display puts out a resolution that is shared better than the one offered in the iPhone 5S.


Since Motorola is a part of Google right now, the Moto G2 could be one of the phones that receive regular updates to future releases of android. In order to run several versions beyond the current 4.4 KitKat, Motorola has provided the phone with a very powerful quad core processor from snapdragon. This is a 1.2 GHz processor that can handle every task brilliantly. Snapdragon also takes care of the processing unit of the BlackBerry Q5, but it only offers a dual core 1.2 GHz processor that is substantially lower in terms of specifications. However, the tightly controlled the BlackBerry 10 operating system makes it possible to experience high end apps without breaking a sweat.


Imaging capabilities of the Moto G2 are just as brilliant, because the phone comes with an eight megapixel rear camera while there is a two megapixel camera in the front. The rear camera comes with all the features and benefits like LED flash, 720p HD video recording and panorama modes amongst many others. The BlackBerry Q5 also has similar specifications apart from the five megapixel camera in the rear. The camera also features almost no shutter lag since there is no shutter involved. Both phones are priced at $180 which is primarily due to the Q5 being an older model. Despite being new to the market, the Moto G2 offers value for money with such aggressive pricing.

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