Google’s Android operating system is a tremendous gold mine that has an incredible range for its uses and capabilities. It pretty much enforces the new era saying “there’s an app for that”, as you can find an application nowadays for pretty much anything. Free TV isn’t an exception, as you can use your Android running smartphone to watch TV without even paying or having to subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix. Here are the best ways you can do that.

For the U.S., the top apps that will get you free TV are:

  • Hulu
  • Crackle (Also Canada)
  • SPB TV (Also Worldwide)

For the U.K., the best apps are:

  • iPlayer
  • ITV Player
  • 4oD
  • Demand 5


Hulu has brought its services to the Android platform, and now allows users to watch premium TV shows without having to pay. There are several categories within the Hulu service which include movies, kids shows and of course originals. There is something for the whole family on Hulu and you can exploit their free version. However, there is also a paid version that will cost you $8 every month. This one will of course feature a lot more content.


U.S. and Canada users can benefit from a free service called Crackle. On Crackle, you will have a TV show and movie collection that will receive a monthly update. The service, which was later on acquired by Sony, puts a large variety of great content at your disposal, and in return you just have to bear with the ads that will appear from time to time. In the opinion of many, that seems like a fair trade.


The SPB TV service is available worldwide and offers content from all over the globe, so it might be the best for you if you are looking to try something new and not Hollywood-related. If you’re looking for something that includes Showtime, NBC or something similar, you should consider another option.



This app is not the kind that offers you a huge library of archived goods, but it does give you 30 days of free access which you can use to catch up with your favorite shows that play on BBC. There are some pretty good options on there, and you may find it entertaining.

ITV Player

Upon its release, this app wasn’t the best experience you could hope for, but it has turned around since then though some updates. You can use it to stream ITV channels, and if there’s something from last week’s TV program that you’ve missed, there’s a good chance you can catch up on it with the ITV Player app.


This one is similar to ITV as it didn’t debut on the Play Store that great either. On other platforms such as Windows or Mac, or even consoles, the service provides an excellent catalogue of TV shows you can go through, but the mobile app still has a long way to go.

Demand 5

You can also catch up on your shows with Demand 5, which is part of Chanel Five’s services. The service made its way to the Android platform and now you can re-watch shows on your smartphone or tablet or see the ones you didn’t get a chance to watch yet.

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