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Windows 10 Download And The Best Features To Expect From It


Microsoft’s latest operating system is Windows 8, but despite that Microsoft seems to be going for Windows 10, skipping Windows 9 completely. This might have something to do with the unpopularity of Windows 9 and the appearance of a shared user interface between PC, tablet and smartphone platforms. Windows 8 not being received as well as expected is something Microsoft admitted to on the 30th of September during a press conference. Microsoft made it clear that with the new OS, users can expect a few Windows 8 elements placed on a system that will mostly remind them of Windows 7.

The Start Menu

The Start menu is planning a return in the new Windows 10 operating system The menu will be available in its classic left sided position and upon being clicked, it will expand into two columns, one bearing icons for apps while the other one will show a list. The Start menu will take modifications from users in terms of shape and size, and will also feature a search bar that will act as a universal search engine for the whole system, also coming up with internet results.

Multi Tasking At Its Finest

With Windows 10 you will be able to have multiple desktops on screen thanks to the Task view. On the bottom, the all the screens opened will be displayed, and applications from one desktop can be transferred to another by using the Snap Assist feature. If you often multi task on your computer you will probably be thrilled with this new feature.

User Input

The new operating system will continue to use the Touch feature, while the Charms bar will suffer a few adjustments. There will also be a transition between using the touch function and the keyboard in Windows 10.

Command Prompt

Not everybody using Windows make a habit out of using Command Prompt, but for those who do use it, you should know that it just got way easier. Some of the changes include the ability to directly paste a piece of text by using the CTRL + V command, rather than having to open a context menu.


WIP is short for Windows Inside Program and it is a tool for Windows users to send feedback to Microsoft so they can improve the operating system. Microsoft will be able to track the evolution of the new OS much more effective if users chip in and use the WIP. However, you will need to have an understanding of the DLL and BIOS sides of Windows in order to be able to help.

Business Oriented

The new Windows 10  presumably offers great support for the management systems that are currently used in the corporate world, therefore large businesses seem to have already grown fond of Microsoft’s latest endeavor. There has also been a clear delimitation between business and personal within the new OS, so it would be easier to apply the appropriate security measures.