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Some games just grab our eyeballs and we are kept in anticipation of their final release.

Such a game is the Battlefield Hardline, the much awaited shooter genre game which has raised expectations from the users ever since its announcement and the launch of an exciting trailer. The game makers are finally out with a proper date of release and it happens to be the first quarter of 2015, much to the joy of all the eager fans. Another reason for the game being high on expectations is that it is being developed by EA Digital Illusions and Visceral Games, companies well known around the world for their top line, action packed and highly exciting games and is being published by Electronic Arts itself as the successor to the Battlefield franchise. Already a beta version of the game has been launched and shooting game lovers around the globe have been greatly enamored by it. No doubt there is a high anticipation for the second beta version which would be released some months in advance of the final release of the game.

What is Special?

The game Battlefield Hardline is different from the predecessors in that it does not follow the traditional story of the games it has succeeded. The settings have become more civil as opposed to the military settings in the previous games, something that has not been a characteristic of the Battlefield franchise. Players have to play as police and criminals and have to fight or commit crimes as compared to previous games where the focus was the military aspect of nations and the war was on a much larger scale. However, this change in settings and environment has brought with itself a whole new set of weapons, vehicles and artillery, very different from the previous games and much more innovative and civil.

Another important addition to the game has been the introduction of a variety of different game modes, which allow much flexibility to the players to play the game as per their wish.

Battlefield Hardline Game Modes

The top modes offered by the game have been described below.

  • Rescue – In this mode, players play as police officers and their duty is to rescue hostages and save people from the criminals.
  • Blood Money – This is a competitive gaming mode where both sides have the task of collecting money from a place at the center of the map and then take it and deposit it in their trucks. This is a free mode where the players can attack each other and steal or rob other’s money and claim it as theirs. The team which has the most money at the end of time is the winner.
  • Heist – This is an action prone mode where the players rob trucks which are laden with money and plunder them completely.
  • Hotwire Mode – In this mode, the environments are extensive and freeways are present as it involves chasing of criminals at very high speeds which increases the fun while playing the game.

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