Put the three devices side by side, and the differences are so slim, you might think it is the same device in three different colors.

All devices run on the Windows 8.1 and they all have their strengths and their weaknesses. Each excels in a particular area where the other two are weak. Your preferences will make the final decision, but it is good to know what each one offers, and make an informative decision.

Design and Display

As mentioned, there is no difference in the design. There is hardly any difference in the design of Lumia handsets, as the same principles carry over from one device to another. Those principles are flat screen and sharp edges. What you get is a premium plastic device, available in several different colors including orange, white, black and green. If you like funky handsets, any device from the Lumia line is the best option. Between these three, the core difference is in the screen size, as the Lumia 830 delivers 5 inches of screen display. The 730 and the 735 feature 4.7 inch screen display. All devices fit comfortably in the hand, thanks to their low weight. Resolution is the same with all three handsets, set at 720×1280, which translates to a density of 316ppi and 296ppi respectively, with the larger device delivering lower density. We mentioned dimensions are practically the same, but for numbers’ sake, they are: Lumia 730 – 135x68x8.7; Lumia 735 – 135x68x8.9; Lumia 835 – 139x71x8.5. The weight, respectively, is set at 130 grams, 134 grams and 150 grams.

Hardware and Operating System

The hardware section is where the Lumia 830 comes on top by a notch. All three devices are powered by a Snapdragon 400 quad core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. The RAM is also the same and set at 1GB. However, the internal memory is where the 830 has an advantage. The device boosts twice the memory of its competitors, set at 16GB. The good news is that all three support a microSD card for external storage up to 128GB. All three devices are part of the new Windows Phone 8.1 OS.


Both the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 735 are selfie phones. Their front facing camera boasts a 5-MP sensor, delivering excellent single and group selfies. The one on the rear is a 6.7-MP shooter. The rear camera is the strength of the Lumia 835, as the device features a 10-MP sensor. On the front of the device, the Lumia 830 features just a 0.9-MP camera.


Just a subtle difference here, as the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 735 feature a 2220 mAh battery, while the Lumia 830 gets its power from a 2200 mAh battery.


Not quite the budget phones, the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 735 are very close in their price range. The price for the Lumia 730 is $250, while the one for the Lumia 735 is $280. The Lumia 730 comes with dual SIM, which is an advantage against the two counterparts. The Lumia 830 belongs in the middle class price range, as it sells for $420.

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