You might be a die-hard fanatic of the Candy Crush Saga – the never ending time killer.

Certain levels on this gameplay might make you want to uninstall the whole game App from your mobile and throw it away.

This game which is supposed to give you the essential break from stress, will by itself add to your frustration at times and dealing with it just as the game will do the miracle! Here is a collection of such pro tips to break those unbreakable levels:

Everything has a Pattern

Not only in Candy Crush Saga, but also in anything that comes across as a stack of items to solve through, follows a pattern. Candy Crush is no exception to this rule. If you observe your gameplay, each board will form special candies and speckled color balls while swiped in one single pattern.

The key lies in finding out such patterns per each board. When you get the hang of it, there’s nothing like it to clear the board effortlessly.

The Combo Strategy

Accepted, combos help you in sweeping a level clean. But as you keep progressing on the game, you will find that certain combos which you believed were great things to form, will never come handy at all.

For example, while you are on level 181 and other similar levels, even three speckled color balls will make no difference to break those layered jellies. But, these combinations will be of great use in the lower levels.

Finding out which combination works best to clear away most of the obstacles per each level is the way to clear that particular board. The answer lies in how smart you are to find the strategy used in that particular level. Try forming the same combos to pass through such difficult levels.

Clear the Corners

When you find layered licorice or jellies at the corner of your game board; then make sure you complete them first before proceeding to attack the ones in the middle, top and bottom. It is always hard to crack these jellies at the corners and need tough combination of candies to break them. So, if you get to focus on these first, then the rest should be easy with you!

Find your Friend

In certain levels of this gameplay, you’ll be asked to achieve a particular score by clearing away a dump of candies. In such instances look for candies which will credit you with 5 points extra. These candies come with a +5 mark on them. Try and combine or clear these colored candies which have those +5 marks on them to increase your score.

Doing this will save you off playing with each color candy until you reach the destination score!

Time and Tide Should Wait for You!

If you don’t want to be bugging your friends on FB to ‘get a life’, then here’s what you can do. Simply head on to your phone settings set your time ahead by 2 hours and get enriched with lives on the game board. Once you press the play button and before it loads, get back to the settings and reset your time.

Most of the phones have the simple option of having to tick on the check box of set time automatically and your settings will get restored. Now, you got both lives to play with and at the same time, your phone doesn’t throw up a wrong time. Once you are done with the stock, proceed doing the same thing until your passion to the game for the day ends!

Pledge the Gold, Cross the Bridge

As you keep progressing levels on Candy Crush, you’ll be gifted with goodies such as gold bars. Apart from the prompts you receive to buy that gold for real money from the Play Store, you also will get a few free. Don’t think these are just pieces of dump reflecting on your screen.

As you keep swiftly moving through levels, you will be asked to unlock quests. To do this, you either play 3 series of quests in a gap of 24 hours or ask friends. As you go by, you could also use 3-9 gold bars depending on the bridge’s demand to unlock those quests in a jiffy. Use it to your advantage!

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