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Minecraft Xbox 360 Version Gets Title Update 19


4J Studios is really busy rolling out multiple updates for all versions of their game and the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition has got some as well.

Even though recently Microsoft purchased Mojang, there have been no changes so far. The studio has been working as usual trying to fix the bugs found in the next gen platforms, including Xbox One and Playstation 4. They have released a new title update 19 for the Xbox 360 version which has brought in a couple of welcome changes including fixing bugs, bridging the gap between the two different consoles and also adding new features to keep players busy.

Confirmed Changes

While the official bug fixing list is out for the Xbox One version of the console, we managed to retrieve information related to Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. In multiple forums and user communities, players have confirmed that the fix for glasses being less transparent has been released as part of the update. It was less transparent that it was supposed to be in particular areas which will no longer be the case. Players were also repeatedly complaining about an issue with save function.

If you turn on the auto save function, it wouldn’t allow you to save manually when you are in any of the worlds. This was a bit frustrating for many players because they couldn’t make sure their creations are safe while playing which is now fixed. You can choose to either manually save it or also rely on the auto save function to continue doing it at random intervals.

Halloween Updates

An issue related to enchanted items being not as powerful as they are supposed to be has been fixed. The magical items should allow players to dig into blocks much easier but it didn’t because of a bug which is now fixed with the latest update. The Minecraft Xbox 360 is also said to receive Halloween updates before October 31st to commemorate the special day.

It will include a bunch of new skins, textures and additional content. According to latest updates, it will most probably be a mash-up pack that will let players experience the joy of Halloween in their virtual world. Everything seems to be going great for players who enjoy the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition and with the new list of bug fixes, we assume the game should be much better than it used to be. It is now on par with the Xbox One edition in terms of content and fixes.