Messaging and staying connected with people you most care about gives you delight and happiness.

You will always find it best to call, text and stay connected with one App and at one place and Line App is such an avenue for your relationships.

To stay connected, Line App offers the following highlight features, which when compared to the other cross platform messaging Apps stands first.

The Message Hub

Linking all your contacts from your social platform and personal contact list is far easier with Line. This App acts as a messaging hub, from which you can stay connected with anyone from your social media list or personal contacts. In short, you can maintain a contacts diary in one single App and that’s Line’s messaging hub all about.

Give Room to your Creativity

With Line App installed on your phone, you could give a chat room to visualize your creativity. If you have a topic in mind with which you would like to create a chat room and invite people to, then it’s all said and done in Line. You could create a chat room, have your contacts invited, decide on pics to be shared and discussed on – all in this one chat room.

Get Gaming

Line App also facilitates the multiplayer feature. You could invite your friends to play a game on your Line App. The best part is, you could share and play those games on your Xbox or PC Console. And that’s because you can have Xbox installed to your phone.

Plan your Penchant

When your friend or acquaintance has installed the Line App, he/she will automatically be able to refresh their contacts list on Line and view you as one of their Line contacts. Well, if you prefer not to be a part of some particular person’s Line contact list, then you can do so. Go to your Line AppàMoreàSettings. Now tap and choose from which contacts you want to hide your Line identity.

Trail Back to your Conversations

Since Line App has an inbuilt cloud facility; all your conversation backups are stored in its cloud memory. By mistake, if you had deleted a particular chat conversation, or going further you had opted to uninstall the Line App, you can always have a backup created for your memorable conversations. Click the down arrow button on the Line AppàSave and tap conversationsàSettings chatàClick on text file backup chat history and choose to create the backup for your conversations.

Now, all your conversations would have been logged on to your Dropbox, which you can restore at any point of time.

Let the Low Quality not Suffer

If you are sending pics to your friends on your favorite chat room and find that one of the pics is of low quality, you can always rescue it. You can reset your settings to change the picture quality before sharing. Go to your Line AppàMoreàSettings. Now click on voice chat and photo quality, here you will get to change your photo quality before sending it out!

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