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Exciting Features in WhatsApp for Android Users


WhatsApp contains amazing tools for the owners of Android Smartphones.

If you are one of them or thinking about buying a Smartphone soon, these tips will convince you why you need to install WhatsApp on your Android device.

Sharing files

You can share PDF, apk, exe, and zip files over WhatsApp free. This saves you the cost of emailing them via your regular email service provider. It is also convenient to tap your phone rather than use a desktop to email the documents.

You don’t have to worry about expiry dates

Some WhatsApp users wonder about the future of their devices after the one year free usage is over. Sit back and relax because now you can extend the life of your WhatsApp upto 2022. Many users would rather drop a subscription rated application and install a free one. Other users of operating systems like Blackberry,Windows and Symbian need not worry because just as Android users, they too can add up to eight years of WhatsApp use.

Multiple Accounts

Since nowadays many WhatsApp users double up as dual sim users, they can have different phone numbers registered for WhatsApp under the same username.

Data usage

You can manage how the data will be consumed on your phone by disabling automatic downloads of multimedia messages. This saves substantial amount of MBs used. It also gives you the freedom to preview the images or video that you want to download and click on it to stop downloads. Further, you can highlight annoying multimedia messages and delete them by clicking the delete button.

To disable auto downloads, just go to settings, then chat settings and press the media autodownload icon and select either download when using mobile data, when connected to Wi-Fi or when roaming.

For high premium users, they can afford auto downloads when surfing using wireless connection or when roaming. As for low-end users, disable even the data traffic when not using it to avoid additional charges from the internet service provider.

Hide the ‘last seen’ timestamp

The last seen timestamp is quite annoying to your friends who want to chat with you because they discover that you are not available. It is the alternative for offline and online timestamp seen on Facebook. In order to avoid frustrating your chat mates and also conceal your availability status, you may hide the ‘last seen’ timestamp. This also comes in handy for users who may be prone to cyber bullying such as teenagers. Cyber predators can access minors if they discover their online status.

All you need to do is download the Not Last Seen App and install it. After that hide your ‘last seen’ timestamp. This service does not require rooting.

Recovering deleted messages

If by mistake you delete your WhatsApp messages you do not have to worry because you can retrieve them by this simple process. Simply go to the memory card, WhatsApp then Database. Press msgstore.db.crypt and you will be able to access all the messages sent and received in the last seven days.

While using your Android device feel free to explore. Only then will you learn, albeit by mistakes sometimes.