Most of Fallout 4 details are yet to be announced making it one of the most highly anticipated games for Play Station 4, PC and Xbox One users.

The release date is also yet to be announced. It is the company’s objective to surprise their fans. There are rumors that suggest that Bethesda may not even be the one developing the next Fallout as opposed to the previous fallout series. However, the official information is yet to be released.

Despite the growing anticipation and excitement among Fallout fans, the Fallout 4 release date is yet to be confirmed. Rumors and speculations have it that it will be announced early next year. In other news, assurance has been given that the sequel shall have a launch date towards the end of 2015. In addition, the rumored launch date, like other speculations about Fallout 4, has not been established officially but is likely to be around the same time. Other rumors have been excluded altogether. Initially, there were rumors that the game would be announced at a PAX East event in August this year yet it never happened. This has gotten some of the fans paranoid believing there might not be another sequel slated for release.

However, a Fallout 4 trailer was released quelling the worries of fans. In the fallout 4 teaser, the game will have a new location, ‘Post-Apocalypse Boston’, with a totally new design that is steam punkish, a new lengthy race with changes in detail. Bethesda has not made any comment yet with regards to this, but judging from Fallout 3 it makes a lot of sense.

Game Plan Rumors

It is expected that there will be vehicles in the new game. It will be a little risky, but it will add a new thrill to the game. The fans would rather be able to drive the vehicles than just pass them unable to drive them. This could really make the franchise give a free rein to its inner-mad Max.

Fans had suggested in an official Bethesda forum that for the next Fallout they should enable co-op play or multi-player. This way a player can team up with a person of choice from their friends list or through matchmaking. Owing to the rumors that this has been taken into consideration, it will be a thrilling way to make the Fallout series move a notch higher.

Some have speculated that in Fallout 4 there will be more customized gear and weapons. One will be able to add an emblem or logo to their armor. And not only will there be face gear, armor and head gear, but it shall also be possible to add other gear that a player would desire like boots.

While it is unclear what exactly Fallout 4 holds for enthusiasts, it is clearly going to be a game to look out for when it is finally launched.

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