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WhatsApp Download and Install It On Your Tablet With Ease


In case you bought a tablet that doesn’t support GSM connection, then you might find it hard to install applications such as WhatsApp, which requires activation via SMS.

However, you can trick it in a way to get WhatsApp installed and working on your tablet. Some ways may require rooting your device, but today we’re going to tell you a way that will not need a rooted device to make it work.

Keep in mind that this will create a new WhatsApp account that will be unique for your tablet. You can also get the same account that you have on your device but we will explain that somewhere at the bottom of this article.

First, you will need to download the WhatsApp .apk file from the official WhatsApp website. To not get redirected by Google Play Store, use FireFox or Chrome and then request the desktop site. After that, click on the Android download and the file will start downloading to your tablet. You can do this process on your PC and just transfer the file on your tablet via USB.

Make sure that your tablet accepts installments from “unknown sources” by going to Settings->Security->Unknown Sources. By enabling it, you will be allowed to install applications even if they are not downloaded from Google Play Store. However, always make sure that the applications you download are legit and don’t hide some kid of bad files that will harm your device. You can just turn it off after you install WhatsApp, to make sure you won’t install by mistake some other application that you get from the internet.

After that, install TextPLus on your tablet so you can be able to send SMS messages on your tablet (which you will need in order to activate WhatsApp). After that send a text message to your own phone from your tablet by using TextPlus to see what number you’ve got.

Installing WhatsApp

After you got your phone number, install WhatsApp and when the application asks for a phone number to finish the installation, enter your TextPlus number. You will then receive a text message with a code that you will need to input to get verified.

After that you’re done and you finally can use WhatsApp via a tablet that doesn’t supports GSM connection.

Using the account that yosame account as you’ve got on your smartphone

If you want to “transfer” the WhatsApp that you’ve got on your smartphone, just use your smartphone number when it asks you to enter a number to get yourself verified. After that, you will receive the code on your smartphone, which you will have to enter on your tablet. Keep in mind that you can’t use the one account on the same time on two devices, so when you verify yourself on the tablet, the smartphone WhatsApp will get inactive.