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Facebook Messenger Application – Making Free International Calls

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Do you want to make free calls to foreign countries such as Canada, UK or US? You can do now for free using Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS device.

The largest social network, Facebook, allows the Facebook Messenger users to make free calls. Until now, you’ve probably used applications such as Viber or Skype to make free international calls. These applications use VoIP (Voice Over IP) and it seems that the Facebook developers brought that too on their Facebook Messenger application.

By using VoIP, Facebook messenger allows you to make free calls to Canada, UK or US. In order to make calls, you will need a good 3G or 4G mobile connection or for a better experience use Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that your Facebook application version should be 4.0 or above. The best thing about Facebook VoIP calls is that the people you want to call don’t need to have Facebook Messenger installed in order to receive your call.

Below, we will tell you what you need to do to make free calls using Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS device. However, make sure that whoever you want to call has his phone number added to his profile.

Using Facebook Messenger to make free international calls on your Android or iOS

First, you will need to download and install Facebook messenger application your Android or iOS device and launch it. Open a recent conversation with the person you want to call. In case you don’t have a recent conversation with him/her just tap on compose a message button which is on the bottom right side of the screen. After the conversation opens, type anything you want and send the message to start the conversation. Now tap on Contact info button from the top right corner (it’s the button with the “i” sign). A new window will appear with the contact information.

You will notice the “free call” button in the left-middle of the screen, just tap on it and Facebook will use your data connection to make the free call.

While international calls are pretty expensive for countries such as Canada, UK or US, this is a great alternative.