Microsoft is currently using Windows Phone 8.1 as the operating system for its devices. With a neat interface  and a appearance that denotes class, the OS is going to need a worthy browser to complement it, as web surfing is a key element for smartphones nowadays. One of the most obvious and also good picks for this position is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which will go against UC Browser in today’s comparison. Let’s see which of these is your Windows Phone 8.1-powered device better off with.

User Interface

With Internet Explorer, you will get a a good tab organizing environment, but from time to time you will have to face the dilemma of periodic crashes when you have more than a few tabs open. Also your selected default search engine will somehow commute back to the default Bing search engine from time to time. This might get a little frustrating, especially if you really want to use another search engine on the go.

UC Browser on the other hand will show you a much better time when it comes to organizing your browser stuff, and the implemented features that come as a bonus are great to have, However, if you plan on visiting a website that comes with a high graphic catalogue, be ready to experience some frustration, as those aren’t really UC Browser’s strong point.


Your Internet Explorer browser will give the option of starting with a fresh blank page or going to MSN directly. Also, if you want, you can have it reload your previous session with all its tabs.

If you’re the type that likes grids and nicely organized groups, you should check out how UC Browser has your favorite pages grouped up. Also, utility pages such as Download or Top Sites are available with only a swipe.


Although IE comes with better performance rates than many of its competitors, as well as great features such as the full-screen mode, it also leaves much to be desires in some aspects, such as when it becomes sluggish or has functionality issues with the Private Mode. The browser also comes with a data usage monitoring function which also lets you set limits for your data.

UC Browser on the other hand, will prove to be more advantageous in terms of speed and functionality, with multi-bookmarking and fast loading among other perks.


Both browsers come with great features and are capable of good performance rate, but still need a lot of work to sort out all the problems they still have. While IE can get the edge on many other problems, it still seems to be having difficulties keeping up with some requests, while UC Browser also need improving to have everything run smooth, but overall presents some really nice features.


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