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WhatsApp – Expectations, Rumors and Latest News on the App’s New Voice Calling Feature


Even as the CEO of WhatsApp announced that the new video calling feature will be added to WhatsApp, the rumors about it began surfacing.

As of now, many suspect that this feature is in its final stages. WhatsApp’s competitors, Viber and Skype already have this feature on their platforms but with differing implementations. Both Viber and Skype offer this voice calling feature for free, however, there are charges levied when calling someone who doesn’t use the application.

The Interface

Some of the leaked photos suggest that the WhatsApp’s voice calling feature will resemble the iOS7 by emulating the operating system’s circular-shaped buttons, in addition to ambiguous images for the background. Much of this rumor is based on the evidence that emerged from the translation site of the app. The photos indicate that the interface will also include a variety of language options that are displayed when receiving a WhatsApp call. According to specialists of this industry, this is one of the last phases of software development, strongly suggesting that the app might already be out by the time you read this article.

A Spit in the Face of Opponents

Once WhatsApp finalizes with this amazing feature, it won’t be sweet music in the ears of rival CEOs. Furthermore, it is expected that this feature will provide users with the best voice clarity in the industry. Though nothing has been confirmed about when this feature will be officially launched yet, it is expected to be out very soon.

Typical Phone Call Experience

Of course, it is expected that WhatsApp will unveil this feature in the beta version. Apparently, this feature will let users of WhatsApp make free voice calls on their Smartphones as well as tablets using both mobile and Wi-Fi connections. As we speak, the app only sends voice messages, but with the incoming voice calling feature, it will be easy to talk to friends and family like on normal phone calls.

Why this is Huge

This latest addition to WhatsApp has become the talk of the town. Many users of this app are waiting for that day when it will be available. As earlier noted, WhatsApp is not alone in this business. However, no other app can boast the numbers this app has, in terms of global users. This can also be a big blow in the faces of mobile voice calling service providers as users might opt for free voice calls through WhatsApp, which are predicted to be very affordable, since they’ll only use mobile data or Wi-Fi connections.