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Great Ways to Change WhatsApp Appearance – Know How


We all want to remain cool and portray the most favorable image of ourselves to others.

It is human nature. So, while using WhatsApp, you may find these tricks working for you to better your image.

Creating Shortcuts for Important Contacts

You can prioritize some contacts which are more useful than others. This will act as a speed dial that you can always tap to initiate a conversation. Should such people discover that you have placed them on your home screen they will feel special and improve the perception that they initially held for you.

If you are using an Android device, it is as simple as long pressing the chat group or the individual contact that you intend to create a shortcut for. The menu will show up for you to tap the Add conversation shortcut.

iPhone users will have to download the 1TapWA app to enable the shortcut on their home screens. They will benefit from value added services like action scheduler and image editors.

Creating a Fake Conversation on WhatsApp

Some people dream about meeting and chatting with well known celebrities. This will definitely elevate them to the hall of fame. With WhatsApp you can generate your own conversation with famous people. This will trick your chat mates as well as fool them for a while. It is a great way to pull a prank. Try it and watch how it will come off.

Download Whatsaid app that will enable you to change the names of the subject you are chatting with so that you achieve that superhuman status you crave for with your idol. The app enables you to assign names and profile photos to the chat mate you wish to “interview”.

Fake your WhatsApp Location

This functionality is exclusive to Android users. You may want to fool someone or just stop a stalker that has been on your case like rice picking. The steps below will realize your goal:

*Deactivate your Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking

*Select your phone settings and go to developer options

*Tick “allow mock locations”

*Launch the application and select your preferred fake location. It can be a city, country or a continent or as precise as a prominent hotel, restaurant or a cafe.

*Your device will send a mock location to stalkers and friends you want to fool.

Change WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper

We all get tired at being stared back by that default wallpaper that comes with the phone. A change will not only lift our spirits but also boost the looks of our devices. To achieve this, go to the Chat Menu and select Wallpaper. Upload a picture from your Android device or download amazing wallpapers from WhatsApp. You will get an automatic download that will lead to an equally automatic facelift.

Change your WhatsApp Photo

Get rid of the monotony of one profile photo by uploading your latest and best shot that you got. This will send a message to your friends on what you have been up to and define the mood that you are in. Who knows? It may as well form the subject of your discussion –of course you will want it to be something positive and enviable. So start shooting the selfies now.