Howdy! The PlayBook 4 is a gaming device that looks a lot like a laptop. It was created by Ed Zarick who took the PlayStation 4 and turned it into a laptop style device. In this article, I’d like to run you through the device and give you my verdict on whether or not this is a fantastic device for gamers. Hint: the answer rhymes with ‘fess.’


The PlayBook 4 is crammed full with a bunch of features that will likely come in handy for any gamer who enjoys using full-sized consoles with their HD TVs.

The PlayBook is fitted with a 22” 1080p LED LCD display which provides clear, crisp images to gamers, images that honestly rival the quality of those that you’d expect from a much more expensive setup.

The PlayBook 4 also features a customized case that comes in two colours – either black or white. This is a pretty standard offering from Ed Zarick and those of us gamers who value having a choice between colours will appreciate this nice touch. I honestly prefer the black as it feels just so much sleeker but really, either of these colour combinations will get you the same device.

The feature list for the PlayBook 4 also includes an HDMI out connection for hooking this up to your TV. This will cost you an extra $50 but my review model had the option and I really did find it useful for those moments when I wanted to use a larger screen.

All in all, the features are just what you’d expect and even a little more. Off to a good start here.

The price of this device varies a bit depending on exactly what you’re looking for. If you’d like Ed Zarick to provide you with a brand new PlayBook 4 device, that’ll cost you about $1,395 plus shipping. However, a cool option if you’ve already got a PlayStation 4 is sending your device to Ed, who will modify it and send you back a PlayBook 4.

Now, it’s no doubt that these prices are steep. However, from playing with my review model, I do have a few comments concerning that. While the price is indeed steep for this laptop-style gaming device, consider the fact that you don’t have to buy a television to hook this up to if you don’t want to. It comes with a screen of it’s own, something that most upper level consoles are missing.

I’d say it’s definitely worth the price if you’re a hardcore gamer and I definitely plan on getting one.

Where can you get one?

On the subject of getting one of these bad boys, let me run you through exactly how you can get your hands on a PlayBook 4.

Ed Zarick’s set up a website that provides you with the opportunity to get one of these toys and have it shipped to you. That website it There, you’ll find international shipping rates and more information on the device.


Based on my time spent with the PlayBook 4, I’d have to say that it’s definitely a valuable option for gamers. If you enjoy playing full-sized consoles, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this smaller option that offers the same exact amount of punch. A great buy from a great modifier!

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