There’s a new trend gaining popularity and new gadgets get our attention – wearable fitness trackers, which are used by fitness minded individuals who want to be informed by their habits. And if you’re looking to buy a device like that, we have two suggestions for you: Samsung Gear Fit and Fitbit Flex.


Your writs will draw people’s attention, but the question is: which one of these wearable fitness trackers looks better on you, considering that they’re very different. The Gear Fit is more “fashionable”, stylish, being equipped with a curved Super AMOLED display whose frame “glows” in the dark. The device might seem bulkier than the Fitbit Flex and it looks more like a smartwatch.

The Fitbit Flex looks more like a wrist band and it’s available in more color options. Its design is simple and intriguing in the same time, being slim and made of rubber, with holes on the band.

The great thing about these gadgets is that both of them are water resistant and you can watch your hands without worrying that your fitness tracker will damage. While the Gear Fit survives 30 minutes 3 feet under water, the Fitbit Flex goes deeper, 10 meters under water.


Samsung Gear Fit’s display measures 1.84inches (432x128pixels) and it’s a curved Super AMOLED that contours the wrist perfectly. The Fitbit Flex has 5 LED indicator lights which notify you about your progress throughout the day. But on Samsung’s display you’ll be able to see notifications, emails or messages and you can “interact” with the device.

Features and mobile apps

The devices track how many steps we take in a day and they monitor our sleep as well. In addition, the Gear Fit brings a heart rate monitor, behaving exactly like a smartwatch. But the best thing about this device is that you’ll have notifications/media controls on bord, which the Fitbit Flex lacks.

The Gear Fit has basic applications such as S Health which isn’t quite intuitive. But, you can use it to visualize your route of your exercise, getting this info from the GPS of your phone.

Fitbit’s ecosystem is more complex. The device is compatible with Android and iOS devices and runs with some Samsung Galaxy models, as well. The gadget collects data and presents it through the Fitbit app. Also, you’ll see graphs of your results, sleep statistics or other achievements.

Samsung Gear Fit vs Fitbit Flex  2


As we were saying, these gadgets track the steps we take, but the Gear Fit registers 500 more steps than its rival.


Fitbit Flex’s battery lasts 5-6 days with a normal charge, while the Gear Fit withstands 2-3 days because it needs more juice to power up the display.


The Gear Fit can be purchased from Amazon at the price of 148 dollars, while the Fitbit Flex costs only 92 dollars.

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